EvoCreo - play role-playing game with cool anime characters

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play role-playing game with cool anime characters



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Hunter's comment

The world in EvoCreo is called Zenith, is a world where tamers or Evoker, someone who can train Creo, live side by side with monsters or Creo itself. As the main character, players will find bad news about his father, who is also known as the legendary EvoCreo, missing while investigating an organization called Shadow Hive.Players will start their adventure accompanied by only one Creo. This first Creo is given free of charge and players are given the option to choose one of the three available Creos. Players are given the opportunity to have five Creos at once, therefore you can freely catch four other wild Creos and make them yours.
EvoCreo is a game that is very similar to Pokemon, there's no denying this. But I am quite satisfied because they make it well. The development team didn't overtly copy all the mechanics in Pokemon, but they added a lot of new mechanics and systems that let players experience a different gameplay from a Pokemon experience.




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This game catches my attention, it looks very entertaining, I want to download it now and spend time playing

RPG games are fun. With anime, the EvoCreo - Lite: ⚔️ Melatih dan Berkembang Evo! ⚔️ adds to the fun.
Interesting Hunt. @lintah
Thank you!


You're welcome! @lintah