Colorize images - Color your photos black and white automatically

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Colorize images

Color your photos black and white automatically



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Hunter's comment

Colorize Images is an automatic machine learning-based service for coloring black and white, grayscale or nightvision photos.This application serves to convert black and white photos to color. Just scan the photo and the app will edit it instantly.

For best results, it is recommended that the source image has:
• good quality
• good contrast
• good focus
• and correct orientation
An image that lacks all of these properties may work fine, but some preprocessing (such as contrast correction or sharpening) usually improves the result.


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Do you have any old photos hanging around from your family past? Curious to see what they could of looked like it colour? If you want to impress someone from a older generation you could colour their photos with this application, the app recommends quality photos but it's not always necessary.

a good way to colour your images so easily,Good hunt fellow!

The best app I've ever downloaded! I gave my grandparents wedding photos, my great grandmothers wedding photos(surprising her with it for the birthday), my grandfathers deceased mothers photos and a lot more photos color and did it all for FREE!!! After 10 photos you haveto start paying, but its wor

This is the second app of its kind in my device just now, the app size is tiny compared to some similar apps, I like the way you can tweak the image manually if desired, unlike the other app I have that doesn't have that option, results are variable and it doesnt always depend on the picture quality.

I have a lot of old family photos that are black and white and would be interested in seeing what they look like if they are colourised. I might get this app!

Fast way to edit I must admit.
The black sides looks very African.
Thanks for sharing this hunt


I can change the colour of my pictures with ease. What a great and amazing tool we have here.

Nice app. It is a good hunt to edut images. Thanks for sharing.


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