Jobseer - Simplify your job search with AI

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Simplify your job search with AI



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Jobseer simplifies your job-seeking process with its Artificial Intelligence. It allows jobseekers to scan their resumes, get information about salaries, see recruiters' contact details. You get hired 10 times faster with Jobseer.


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Getting into jobs can be tough under these pandemic conditions. Getting extra help from AI can make lives easier.

I tried to find jobs with many ways but I did not get success. No one is providing jobs in this pandemic time.

Scanning using keywords in resumes and job descriptions is indeed a quicker way of finding potential vacancies than just trawling through hundreds of job adverts.

This helps in search of a good and meaningful job
Thanks for sharing this hunt

Claiming to surface hidden recruiting company insights, Jobseer promises to be a useful Chrome extension for job-seekers.
Interesting Hunt. @juliame
Thank you!


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