Hidgets - Health Widgets for the latest ios release

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Health Widgets for the latest ios release



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The latest iOS release has introduced an amazing feature on your home screens called widgets. Hidgets offers you the missing health widgets you were looking. Hidgets App has your health widgets for your home screen. Select up to 7 different categories to display all your health information the way you want: steps, active energy (calories burned), sleep time, heart beat, weight, oxygen leves and blood glucose. Select style, mode, source and color, and even what the widgets should open when tapping on them.




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health widget is sound interesting and I am gonna try it soon. my health is not good friend so i need this

By enabling creating iOS health-related widgets, Hidgets – your health widgets for your iPhone makes it easier to take full advantage of App Store health apps.
Interesting Hunt. @juliame
Thank you!


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