PM3 VOCOlinc - Smart Wi-Fi Outlet with USB Charging

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PM3 VOCOlinc

Smart Wi-Fi Outlet with USB Charging



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Hunter's comment

Good day Hunters,

Today I found a smart plug that has awesome and useful features that relates to our daily lives. Apart from the common functions of a normal plug, this smart plug is unique and cool because:

  • it is wifi enable
  • has 2 USB ports (with overload protection)
  • it is voice activated
  • works well with Alexa, Google and Siri
  • able to remotely control, schedule and monitor your electronics and electrical that is plugged into PM3 using the LinkWise App
  • has built-in power meter which allows you to monitor your power consumptions
  • has built-in LED night light feature
  • Price: $30




Hunter: @gelfire

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This is my opinion about your hunt


  • For you lovers of products with good features and complete, PM3 VOCOlinc is your choice for you have now. With the good features make this product more and more in demand.
  • Can be used to enable wifi, it works well, has a built-in power meter that allows you to monitor your power consumption and have LED lights at night, making added value for this product.

With a price that is not too expensive, will not make you disappointed when buying it.


  • None for this hunt

I will give value to your hunt

Thanks for the feedback and comments @johntor! Appreciate it! 😉

Pros and Cons
-Travel friendly, multifunction in one items
-Economical and with minimal space occupied

-Need more adapters for different electricity socket will be perfect

Hey @biuiam, thanks for pointing out that it is also travel friendly! Yeah, to have adapters for different electricity sockets would be a bonus too.

I guess PM3 VOCOlinc provided a lot more than just typical WiFi enabled Smart Plug. This product allows you to use your voice to operate it and also timer features.

Just one think I don't like about it is the bulkiness, it looks big just to plug onto a wall socket, maybe an extension wire are required.


Hey @superoo7, thanks for your comments and feedback. Yeah, I find this smart plug voice activated and timer features very cool too. I agree with you, would be cool to have an extension wire incorporated with this device too ya!

Congratulations! Your hunt has been reviewed and approved! Thank you for a great hunt.


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Thanks for the approval @geekgirl! 🤗

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Thanks for sharing this hunt @gelfire and congratulations on being approved! Here's my pros and cons about your hunt today


  • It is applicable to the voice activated software that is in the market right now. Also during nighttime just in case that you turned off the lights already and you need to use the socket and charge something you will not have any issues using it because there's a built in light already.

  • The application can track the usages of the appliances at home.

  • Extra 2 USB Port! This one is really nice for me. Since at home we always do have issues with the chargers, we do have a lot of cords available but the socket is not that much plus the adapters too so each time that my laptop is on, it becomes a mini charging station too.

  • Price wise I think it is okay. The amount isn't that high.


  • None that I can think of for this product. Thanks!

Hey @tpkidkai, i totally agree with you. This product is very relevant to us today and I find the voice activated feature to be so cool, giving this device a "hi-tech" feel. Oh and the night light feature is also bonus!

Awesome Hunt @gelfire

Pros / Cons


  • Support google and alexa voice control to turn on / off the carging switch.
  • Bright LED for night charging.
  • Energy monitoring.
  • $ 29.99 is very cheap.


  • None.

My Opinion:

  • This is a very unique multifunctional charger.

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Thanks for your comments and feedback @calprut. It is reasonably priced, eh, for such features. 😉

haha it's realy cheap for multi-function devices :)
you are welcome @gelfire
Keep hunting

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