ZujoNow Live SDK - Simple yet powerful live video streaming API for developers

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ZujoNow Live SDK

Simple yet powerful live video streaming API for developers



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ZujoNow Live SDK is a scalable live streaming API for the web, android, and iOS with the support of WebRTC, RTSP and RTMP and is compatible with OBS Studio, StreamYard OBS Studio, etc. ZujoNow Live helps you make your app more engaging and life much easier.




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ZujoNow will basically deliver video to your viewers by using it's optimized networks for the best possible viewing experience either on the web, android device or iOS.

I can see musicians using this to live stream concerts to their fans who can't come to a gig but want to watch online from their homes. You can also use this for presentations.

We integrate with ZujoNow instead of using AWS. It's really easier and downright affordable for small startups. They are providing great technical support to startups, this is something we cannot expect from global giants.

People who work online. And make videos. For them, this application will be a big contributor. Very simple app for developers. Thank you very much for hunting this.

Thanks to the technology of this application, our activities through social networks will be much more attractive since it is a great contribution to those of us who work online

The ZujoNow Live SDK promises a versatile web live streaming API.
Interesting Hunt. @dianat
Thank you!


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