MESAY 2.0 - The Ultimate Two-way AI Translator

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The Ultimate Two-way AI Translator



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Hunter's comment

is a device that can translate 16 languages ​​in less than 2 seconds, is an ultra light device, has a margin of error of 3%

It has a translation of 16 languages ​​(English, Chinese, Catones, Thai, Vietnamese, Japanese, Korean, Spanish, Arabic, Portuguese, Dutch, German, French, Italian and Russian).

mode of use:

  1. Enter the microphone to reduce the noise and the output speaker to maximize your voice. Mesay uses a special input microphone to reduce noise wherever it is and uses a loudspeaker to raise the voice, which makes the conversation clearer.

  2. Support headphones (wired or wireless). Mesay uses input microphones to gather information and then broadcast it through headphones, which is convenient for meetings. Meanwhile, you can listen to music to relax during a break.

  3. Supports 4G mobile communication (4G or WIFI SIM card).

Mobile phones can be convenient because you can do everything on one device. The batteries of the phone will not last long as we must use it to open many applications that eventually drain the battery. On the other hand, Mesay's battery will last longer and you can even use it as an Internet access point.



Hunter: @dianat

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Hi @dianat- Unfortunately your hunt cannot be approved. Please visit the Steemhunt Posting Guidelines to see what type of hunts will be approved.

Please specifically look at Guidelines 9. No Duplication Allowed

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Happy hunting!

Great Hunt!


Looks like an cool device. Like you said I see this product mainly used in meetings and on conferences. They simple use and 16 supported languages justifies the price of $179 USD.

Keep on the good work!