BE - The first toothbrush, powered without a battery

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The first toothbrush, powered without a battery



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BE is the first electric toothbrush that does not need batteries or electricity, Improve your dental routine with 80,000 brushstrokes infused to the perfect pressure
BE. means B eyond E lectric, It is more than just a vibrant head. Built as a kinetic storage device it simplifies the power of 2 simple turns

100% biodegradable, the intelligent sensor of Be. It works at the pressure recommended by the ADA to combat tartar 120 g, Transform your daily brushing routine in a simple 3-step process: put toothpaste on the bristles, give two full turns to the dial, press the power button and leave Be. works its magic

Most dentists suggest using an electric toothbrush to get that clean diamond smile

After 2 minutes, it switches off automatically and needs a simple turn to return to brushing. If I had to use a manual toothbrush and brush my teeth 80,000 times, it would take more than 4 hours. In a nutshell: what a manual toothbrush does in 4 hours, Be. It is done in 2 minutes.



Hunter: @dianat

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