The Box - The shipment package that can be reused 1,000 times

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The Box

The shipment package that can be reused 1,000 times


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Hunter's comment

Let's be honest with ourselves, on demand delivery and at home shopping isn't going anywhere, so I'm so stoked to share one company's vision to bring reusable boxes into the game.

Imagine if Bezos implemented these across their entire operation!?

"THE BOX eliminates 100 billion cartons each year, saving 700 million trees while delivering the best e-commerce experience."-source

Oh and they're entirely constructed from recycled materials.

🌱What a win for the environment!


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Can you imagine if Amazon and Walmart used these? What a great idea and great hunt!

Great hunt, if i could earn a penny for everytime i complained to my wife about wasteful packaging from at home delivery companies, I'd be a millionaire. I love the design, reusable and made from recycled material.

Highly rEsteemed!

This is a wonderful hunt! It is very innovative as it both eco-friendly and uses technology to track package.


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Good invention , it is need of the day , this product has very good quality because it can be used for more than 1000 times, Great hunt.