FitJo - Fitness Journal, Gym Log, Workout Tracker

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Fitness Journal, Gym Log, Workout Tracker



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Most people prefer to do sports at home and if you are one of them, Fitjo is a digital journal app that helps you to track your workouts easily and fast with its user-friendly interface.


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I am a fitness enthusiast and hope this app will helpful for me. I will check out

Great hunt dear friend
This is really helpful application to keep yourself fit.
Thanks for sharing with us.

FitJo looks a helpful fitness Journal, Gym Log, Workout Tracker, thanks for sharing.

Seems a nice app for the fitness and gym lover and they can improve their workout and other activities with the help of this app

I am doing a home workout these days. Due to corona, many gyms are closed. I am using fittr app for instructions. I will see this app later.

Simple workout you can at your home. And you can track your workout with this app. I wish they also provide workout details.

I don't prefer doing workout at home. I don't have enough equipment for workout at home. Due to corona I am doing my workout at home.

The strange thing about keeping a fitness journal is that it really does motivate you to keep going, especially if you have records of real progress being made week by week.

Fitjo the name is great but i also want to see it's work so i will soon download it to check it. Review is good and people satisfied with this. thanks

i love the app which is related to gym because i am the gym lover so i gather everything which is related to gym..

I want to develop six pack abs on my stomach. this tool help me to do it ? waiting for your reply friend.

I watched the demo video and I think this app is well crafted. There are many in-depth features for the gym activity tracking.

A physically for body can make you very egile. Thanks for sharing this hunt

There are so many apps to track body work out but this is a different and have many features in it


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