Ordbot - Whatsapp bot that helps you grow your business

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Whatsapp bot that helps you grow your business



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Ordbot is a Whatsapp bot that helps you grow your business. Tailor made for small to medium Restaurants and Retailers.
With extensive experience of developers in the food and delivery business Ordbot is a product that enables small to medium establishments grow their business. You can upload a single spreedsheet with all the detail for quick and easy catalogue creation.




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Those who are using whatsapp business can make their work easy to grow business. Quite useful

Interesting bot that helps to grow business on whatsapp

Nice tool. I have a good experience with telegram bots. WhatsApp is much behind when it comes to having great bots. But there are 2 billion users. That's a big perk for a sales person.

Marketing by using whatsapp bot is an amazing idea. It will make marketing easier and efficient. Nice hunt

This is really a nice tool to grow your bussiness.

For the first time I came to know about any whatsapp bot. Great hunt

Great hunt dear friend
This is really a helpful bot for the bussiness owners.
Thanks for sharing with us.

A n easy way to convert a small business into a e=commerce store through Whatsapp is all the rage these days. Simple to use softwares like this makes it easy for non-tech savvy businesses to sell online on their mobile.

This type of bot is really helpful in business or startup that helps to grow your business easily

Growing business with ease using bot is another dimension to digital marketing. Small scale enterprise will love this tool for business growth.

WhatsApp is very common and popular social media chatting platform. so I think it will be better to grow business or promote with WhatsApp in this way. nice hunting


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