Script 2 Time - Calculate the duration of a written script, instantly

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Script 2 Time

Calculate the duration of a written script, instantly



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Script 2 Time is a tool that lets you calculate the duration of your text in time. Ideal for copywriters, voice over artists and video creators who need to estimate projects accurately. You can calculate how long it would take to read your script easily.


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This is good for people who do podcasts as well, especially if you write the script in advance and need to time it to exactly 25 minutes so that you can fit in 5 minutes of ads.

Handy tool to make your project estimation more accurate and make your scripting skill more efficient and effective.

With Script 2 Time we can easily calculate the duration of a written script, instantly.

This is a tool for content creator that want to time what they have written. It gives them chance to be accurate about what has been written.


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