Fi - Smart collar for dogs

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Smart collar for dogs



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Warning: This is not your typical dog collar.

Fi, the company behind the product incorporated technology to create a truly smart dog collar that acts as a pedometer which keeps track and displays how active your pet is. The collar also functions as a tracker and in the case of having your dog lost, its location can be easily tracked through the app.

The collar light feature is also especially helpful as it can help you find your dog at night and keep them from vehicular accidents.


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Tracking pets are very necessary if you care about your pet. Fi collar helps you to track your Dogs any where any time. You can use this collar if your Dogs run way from your house. You can easily find your dogs by Fi location tracker feature. nice hunt

thanks for reading my hunt!

Finding your lost pet is very hard, but by using this technology you can easily find your lost pet. This is very helpful to easily track your dog at night and keep them from vehicular accidents.

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Very useful smart product for DOG lovers, they can easily track their pets by GPS tracking and keep eye on it. The most useful option is that you can create safe zone, while your Pet go out, App will notify YOU.
Overall really SMART DOG COLLAR

yeah the safe zone feature is such a handy tool! thanks for reading my post!

ive seen a ton of these pop up over the years but this one really looks like it's awesome quality and well thought out- great hunt!

appreciate it! thanks!

tracking the whereabout of our pet is important because atimes they just wander off and it can be hard to get them without a tracking device.. awesome hunt

thank you!

Lots of useful features on Fi that should make it popular with dog owners. I don't know how much the collar is and just wonder if it would be a target for thieves seeing value in the collar. Hopefully the collar is a low end price as it is better using this than a micro chip which both my dogs have.

This is interesting!

Our pet misbehave most time, some of them may decide to leave the compound and trespass into another apartment without been know to the owner. Some may even hide in the environment and we started looking for them. This tracking device will help in long way to locate them anywhere they r without been stressed.

This is a super hunt!

thanks for taking a look into my post!


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