Streetbees - Share your thoughts and daily activities - and get paid

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Share your thoughts and daily activities - and get paid



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Hunter's comment

Not your standard survey app! Share moments of your everyday lives with us - and get paid up to £5 each time you do it.

From hobbies, to what you snack on, to the technology you use - we want to know what you're up to. You can share as much or as little as you like - you're in complete control!


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A really good oppurtunity for everyone to share your daily activities on this app and get paid!

good opportunity for those who loves to write something about their daily minds thought and get paid.. thanks for sharing...
keep hunting

Thank you @gargi

Streetbees is a great way to share your thoughts and daily activities - and get paid.

I was looking for such kind of platform where for sharing some information and getting some survey we are being paid. wonderful hunting

Thanks @engrsayful

Lots of market research companies use survey sites like this to find out people's opinions about their products so that they can improve them.

You are right @alyssasanders