TeslaAssist - Track and manage your Tesla Vehicle data in 3D

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Track and manage your Tesla Vehicle data in 3D



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Track and manage data on your Tesla Vehicle with TeslaAssist App. You have both fun and also full control of data derived from your vehicle. 3D interactive vehicle model is available on its status screen. TeslaAssist App is activated when you start driving your car.




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Tesla is highly advanced car and this hunt is good to see in 3E

tesla is one of my favourite and this app will really help to know about the car's details.

It's good to know about Tesla cars but it's out of my budget.

This would be great to track the Tesla vehcile record on your hand with the Tesla application sounds good even you can find the whole record with 3D image of your nice shared

Nothing surprising from a tech giant! Sadly, most of us don't possess this vehicle and no means to even dream it. So no point in looking into this one.

as suleman said this is also my favorite but i don't have tesla vehicle so it is not useful for me. i have a suzuki

Does Tesla provides a third-party apps that can be connected into their system? This app seems not made by Tesla, right?


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