SHOHOZ - Food, health, grocery, tickets, rides & more in one place

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Food, health, grocery, tickets, rides & more in one place



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Hunter's comment

One of the biggest problem is that we have to visit whole market to buy our desired things. Shohoz is an amazing platform where you can order everything in just a single place this is the best way to buy daily need goods. Using this app you can book a appointment with doctor and also hire a truck to deliver your orders.

Shohoz Super App offers you easy access to your daily needs. Be it a consultation with a doctor, a ride to your destination, or just ordering in food for your friends or grocery shopping for your family - Shohoz has a solution for you. Even if you need a truck to shift your home or transport goods or if you just want to buy launch/bus tickets to travel anywhere in the country - what better option can there be than Shohoz? A one stop solution for multiple problems is now right at your fingertips.


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Ok! I wil be trying to use this app.
Thanks for sharing!