Eclipse: The Morphing Coin - Small knife that looks like a coin

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Eclipse: The Morphing Coin

Small knife that looks like a coin



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Hunter's comment

Eclipse is a small but beautiful knife that has a coin shape. Though eclipse is small in size, it is very useful and can assist you in tackling your daily task.

Eclipse has a lightweight of 6mm and it can easily fit into your pocket. It can also be use as a pendant for your necklace.

Eclipse has a button lock which is designed to protect it from opening while inside your pocket. It securely snaps it when opened. The snap lock is not needed when opened because your hand act as a secured lock.



Hunter: @abasifreke

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Cool Hunt @abasifreke

Pros / Cons


  • $ 39 for early birds. Quite cheap, but maybe if this product has been released the price can be doubled.
  • The design is super small like a coin, you can even take it anywhere as a keychain.
  • The design is strong, from the material of choice. Flexibility is also very good.


  • None.

My Opinion:

  • Eclipse is perfect to carry anywhere for all purposes, self-defense, or even when adventure ..

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Nice Hunt!


  • definite eyechatcher every time you use it
  • unique design enables it to fold together to the size of a coin
  • fair early bird price


  • I personally prefer my little Swiss army knife on my keychain since it also contains scissors, tweezers and a toothpick
  • I'm not sure about the handling since it looks really small

Toothpick!😳 I’ll have to get your knife.... but this knife is also cool and it quite sharp and strong.

NICE HUNT @abasifreke

This is my opinion about your hunt


  • If you want to have a unique item, this Eclipse you can make a collection of unique items, with a small size similar to a coin will add a cool impression.
  • Very many uses and functions when you use it for your daily tasks.
  • with a size of 6mm you can take it anywhere, and can be carried in your pocket. Do not be afraid to get hurt while inside the pocket, because this tool has a key lock designed to protect it.


  • None for this hunt

I will give value to your hunt

Thanks for your review comment

This is a great hunt that you made there @abasifreke. Below are my personal opinion toward this hunt.


  • A coin like knife that you can carry it anywhere
  • You will not know that this is a knife at first because of its amazing and creative design
  • It is easy and comfortable to use


  • None so far for this awesome hunt

Thanks 😎

quite sad i was preparing to hunt this product but i was too late
well done @abasifreke ;-(

Hahahaha sorry boss

It can not be too much of a blade! Great job!

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