Steemfest ticket contest

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Tell me about yourself, what you have done for Steem, and why you would like a free ticket. The two best answers will win. Votes don't determine the winner but may influence the judging. The judge is me. My decisions are final and arbitrary.


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  ·  4 years ago (edited)

Hi @smooth! I salute your action and the way you want to help two Steemians to come to Steemfest

I see here all kinds of applications and would like to nominate two fellow Steemians or to sustain their application.

From all nominations, I fully support the two youngsters, @guyfawkes4-20, and @jeanpi1908. I don't say that the other Steemians are not that worthy, but my choice will go with this two one.

I will not go deeply on their achievements on Steem as they presented it.

I will just say this, we need young motivated blood. These guys have two together the age combined lower than most of the applicants. One is 18 and I know him since he was 17 and started and the other is 20 and I know him since he is 19. At the start, I was thinking they both are over 30 by the way they act and think. Being so young their finances and means of income are definitely lower than on older guys.

I wished I would be so focused on building at this young age.

I'm 35 and come to an age where I can handle a family and my life from a financial point of view. It should be natural that at midlife one can sustain himself and don't need a sponsoring. I know life can hit you, but mostly is a matter of choice.

Also, in my opinion, one should focus on growing the younger generation. For me, this age has come and besides taking care of my dear ones, I try to foster young motivated people.

Hope you take my comment into account and reflect about it.

P.S.: Rewards from this comment will be used as a delegation for a project on Steem

Alex is (like always) totally right :)
The tickets should go to the youngsters who just can't afford going there, be it because they are still studying or just don't earn as much as the old folks ;)

And I'm sure both deserve the ticket according to their achievements anyway.

So good luck @jeanpi1908 and @guyfawkes4-20, let's hope you get the chance! :)

And thank you alex for your concern for others :)

I support the nomination of both candidates, @guyfawkes4-20 and @jeanpi1908.
Both are young steemians who should be given the opportunity to meet the worldwide community on Steem fest and thus be given the chance to network for their good and their work here on steem.

I approve this message!

die beiden @jeanpi1908 und @guyfawkes4-20 hätten es absolut verdient......und so wie du sagst @alexvan, natürlich auch noch einige andere!!

Thank you a lot for your support, it means a lot for me and also for guy to get your support.

Thank you for your comment, Alex! Both JP and I surely appreciate the help. I think you're making a valid point over there, I hope more people see what you mean. Looking forward to meeting you at SteemFest. :D

I already wrote a support comment for @guyfawkes4-20 as I really think he should be there. I work with him and @alexvan to set up and make an efficient community, actually able to put knowledge out there and follow it up with targeted know-how into various subjects for new people to grasp.
I don't know @jeanpi1908, but him being a proposal from @alexvan I would trust he has his good reasons for proposing him. I followed him now as he looks like someone who would deserve to be followed.
We need to promote young people with energy and will to change something and invest their time in Steem. They could amount to great things if we look at their success in the past.

Ich kann die Auswahl von @alexvan nur unterstützen. @jeanpi1908 und @guyfawkes4-20 sind eine hervorragende Nominierung. Die bisherigen Beiträge waren für die deutsche Community eine Bereicherung und werden es in Zukunft auch sein. Und das @jeanpi1908 bei der WM auf Frankreich gesetzt hat, lasse ich mal außen vor 😂.

Not sure if that is over already but totally supporting this one here - bring over some newbies that help to shape the future profile of Steemit. A lot others sure might also deserve but these would be my first choice.

here is my VOTE for that two!!

Good luck to @jeanpi1908 and @guyfawkes4-20


Hi, Smooth. Thank you for hosting this contest. It’s a great chance not only for people to go to Steemfest, but for positive and productive interaction in the community.

I’m co-founder of @thewritersblock alongside @GMuxx. It’s the largest and most active Steem-centric professional writing community on Discord. We focus on the creative aspect of writing more than the technical, but we involve writers of all skill levels as long as they’re serious about their craft.

In just over a week, I’ll be in Toronto alongside GMuxx and our IT project coordinator @jasonbu to participate in the Steem Creatives Conference and SMT Summit. There, we’ll launch our new front-end site for the blockchain that’s specifically designed to spotlight high quality written content. This is important, because our target audience is not just the internal crypto community, but mainstream consumers as well. We have a plan to implement our SMT in a highly utilitarian fashion that will introduce digital currency in an easy to understand, easy to use manner, and therefore position ourselves to onboard a whole new demographic of blockchain users.

Core leadership at The Writers’ Block has maintained since the group’s inception that the Steem blockchain is a brilliant new opportunity for publishing. Many of our members have real-world experience in that industry and a strong motivation to usher in the next evolution of digital publishing. In November, we intend to launch Steemhouse Publishing, an LLC already incorporated in the U.S. with the primary focus of marketing novel-length fiction directly to mainstream reading audiences. In other words, we’ll publish books and sell them for FIAT, which we’ll then exchange for Steem and use that to reward authors and compensate staff. We’ll also use a Steem wallet to accrue assets, which means we’ll be investors as well as content creators, and a solid example of how the Steem blockchain can be used in real-world business applications.

In addition to all of this, I’m one-fourth of the @noblewitness team, which is currently ranked 66, 63 active. All four of us bring different ranges of talent and experience to the table, so everything from tech to PR is covered. We believe content is king and is ultimately the driving force that will bring investors to the blockchain and keep users from defecting. As far as technical specs, we run Dual Xeon L5630 8 Core Processor (16 HT Cores) with 96 GB DDR3 of physical RAM, a 300 GB SSD System Drive and 2TB Data Drive. Backup server is a duplicate mirror of the main system. Failover is scripted and software switched.

In my home state of Virginia, I’m the Director of a 501c3 animal charity. @tarc is an all-consuming endeavor and, while successful in a practical sense, is a huge financial black hole for me. These animals must eat and receive care whether or not our donors and sponsors come through for us in a given month. Needless to say, I don’t have abundant financial resources to afford things like international travel and Steemfest tickets. I do believe our project has enough backers to help me somewhat with travel expenses, but everything I can do to pull my own weight is necessary—even writing a book-length comment to try and win a ticket. Just having that part of the trip covered would be a tremendous help.

When it comes to Steem, I’m all-in—I’m giving the blockchain everything I have in fervent hopes that we all make history together. My wheelhouse is writing and publishing, so it makes sense that this is the area I’m trying to sew up for us. I want to present these ideas at Steemfest and network with the people who can benefit this project, as well as the people this project can benefit. I think it’s a worthwhile effort, and I want to be there in Krakow to talk about it.

Thank you!

Put simply: @rhondak is one of our pioneers. Not only has she gone all-in on Steemit, she's used Steem to compensate a woman who helps out at her shelter, and she's been pushing for a publishing house based on the blockchain for months. She's dedicated to this blockchain far beyond content creation or development work. She's actively seeking to incorporate an area that she has tremendous experience in, thereby opening up the Steem blockchain to utilization by a totally unserved group. This is ambitious, and I'm honored and thrilled to be able to be a part of this.

She's leading the charge to revolutionize book printing, and she's featuring Steem front and center in that effort. She definitely deserves to be at Steemfest.

Andrei, this is humbling. Thank you so much for these words--I treasure them.

The future of the blockchain is here. Helping to get @Rhondak to Steemfest is part of making that future happen. We'll be pushing it forward in Toronto and carrying it through to Krakow... and into the future. Times are exciting.

Jason, thank you so much for this! I do think Muxxy and I really need to be there, and you, too, if you can make it. Long way to travel. But we have some big things happening that folks need to know about.

Ooh! Pick @rhondak! Pick Rhonda! She is an uber contributor to Steemit, and does an enormous amount to help build community. She has such exciting things cooking. It's going to be truly awesome. She absolutely must attend Steemfest, and many of us who see all that she does for the community, and the time and resources she puts into her work at TARC would love to see her get the support of a free ticket. It would definitely ease some of the challenges for her.

Ooooh, Jayna, thank you. I'm kinda counting on you being at Steemfest, too...I hope you can make it. You've been part of this whole concept from the beginning, and rock solid. You belong on the announcement team and it just wouldn't seem right without you there. Much love to you!

Thank you, dear! I would love to go, if it's in the cards. I will check out the opportunities for winning tickets. Love and hugs back to you!

Rhonda is a super encouraging person that inspires me and motivates me to be a better writer. She’s passionate about the future of this platform and she’s would be a very worthy recipient of a ticket!

Thank you so much for this. I'm so glad we ran that contest and got you involved with the Block. Now you're part of this future we're trying to bring about. :-)

Yeah now you’re stuck with me 😝

Glad you did too!

@rhondak needs to be at Steemfest. Her and @gmuxx should both be at Steemfest and presenting what they are doing as an example of what can be done on the STEEM blockchain. Couldn't have a more passionate advocate for the blockchain and bringing investors, users and entrepreneurs to it.

Shadows, thank you a hundred times over for speaking up here. Your unfailing support means the world to me. I promise that, one way or the other, I'm going to find a way to make this work out for all of us. :-)

Hoping to see @rhondak's vision come to fruition so I definitely support her entry here!

I love that you're part of what we have happening these days. Your writing represents the true talent found on the blockchain, and I fully intend for us to help you realize every goal you have for it. :-)

I'll put my 2 cents on and say it's worth it just so you can get one of her hugs!

Haaahaha! Engine, you crack me up! Thank you so much for your support here. I promise I will do The Alliance proud at Steemfest, however I manage to get there. :-)

I think @rhondak totally deserves to go to Steemfest, tireless work with the Writers Block, the @noblewitness team and @tarc and I am sure she would bring a great deal to the event by being there in person.

Thank you soooo much for this vote of support, C0ff33a. It means a lot. :-)

Como escritor me gusta este tipo de apoyo e iniciativa, mi voto...

Oh lordy--you'll have to tell me what you said here in @thealliance Discord, but I think it's pretty safe to say THANK YOU! The fam rocks!

Only recently acquainted but @rhondak has always been a pleasant voice with a good perspective and ear of comfort and intelligence, hopefully we both go to steemfest, it’s be great to see u!

I'm really counting on us both being there, as well as several other folks I've gotten to know through Steem. I keep getting a vibe that this Steemfest is going to be the most important one yet, and it just won't do if we're not there to be part of it.

Please let @rhondak go to Steemfest! I know y'all won't be disappointed with what she has to present to you. She's a hard-working lady. I think her ideas for the future of the blockchain are SO EXCITING and you deserve to hear these ideas and get excited too.

Thank you, Tangle! :-) As one of our up and coming authors, you certainly have an inside look at the future we're planning. Thank you for supporting me in this!


Hey mate.

Since I took myself out of the running of ticket competitions:

@abh12345 - Who you most likely have heard of before and runs the engagement leagues, analyses the BC and is half of the @steemcommunity witness. He at times has almost single-handedly kept scores of people not only on, but producing good levels of quality posts and engagement and continues to interact heavily on and off the platform. In turn, some of his league members have spun off their own engagement initiatives that are picking up momentum each week.

He is a central node that offers a great deal to the community and spends a huge amount of time supporting the newer members and you will see this in how often he is mentioned and commended by them on site.

He is also not afraid to throw a few punches for the things he believes in and keeps the shill to a minimum which is a surprisingly rare trait here I believe.

For your consideration.

I couldn't agree more with you @tarazkp! Asher is so very deserving of this and has my 100% backing too :) Nice job!


Thank you very much for the write-up here - very kind of you!

If anyone deserves a sponsored ticket, it is you mate :)

Hi! Thank you so much for this awesome opportunity!
I'd love to go to Steemfest because this platform has become more than a place to write. In the past year, it has become family. @anomadsoul says it's gonna be like a family reunion and I've really come to see what he means. Some of the people I've met here have been better friends to me than people I know "in real life".
As for who I am? Well, I was just a kid with scattered dreams before I came here. 18 years old and not sure where to go. But then, I found Steemit and I started writing, I started setting goals for myself and I guess now I'm a writer. In the year I've been here, I've tried to fill my blog with good content. I've always written from the heart when writing about myself and I always posted my best fiction here.
I don't think I've done much for Steem itself, but I've tried to do my bit for the community.

I'm really looking forward to meet you fellow writer! Good luck with this one!

Thank you so much, @anomadsoul! I hope I get to meet you too!

Hey there.

I’ve been blogging on Steemit non-stop since July, 2016. I’m blogging full-time now, and promoting my brand, Voluntary Japan, which is an online and off initiative to spread the philosophy of non-violent/consensual human interaction, unschooling, self-sufficiency, and free markets.

Steemit has made what I am currently doing possible. As such, my wife and I have been promoting the platform bilingually here in Japan. There is now a circle of about 10 users in my small city. Of course there are many more in Tokyo.

I’m located in Japan, so I also put forth a cultural perspective based on these topics.

My wife and I volunteer at a local free school (student directed learning), nursing homes, and community centers. I also help out a friend down in Nagano in his farm. He’s a permaculturist and a voluntaryist as well.

Basically, I would like to go to Steemfest to network, as this has now become essential to me. I have a great many ideas that I am want to bring into fruition. This would be an excellent opportunity, and I would be much obliged.

Thank you, and thanks for the killer contest!


Hi, smooth.

I'm Joy, an extreme travel enthusiasts, I'm travelling to everywhere lol.
Besides some travel logs (which aren't that many anymore the past months due to the bear market haha), I'm also doing a daily Steem news show in Chinese.

Hope to meet fellow Steemians at SF3, as the past year I'm getting much more involved in different communities. Back in SF2 I didn't even know a lot of them, so this time it would be more interesting if I can make it!

Can't wait to meet again Joy!


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Good luck Joy, hope to see you there again this year :D

Hey Asher, hope to see you at SF3!


Yesterday marked my first full year of very active adoption and engagement on the Steemit. I'm self-employed after quitting my job at a global bank 3+ years ago, and have been completely self-sufficient by grinding it out by my own means ever since.

Crypto has been a life changer for me as an investment to continue to hold, but Steemit has helped me see and experience global adoption every day. I've gotten many friends and family on the site, but they haven't seen the potential as I see it just yet.

It hasn't been an easy ride trying to start niches that aren't overly popular yet, i.e., thrifting, upcycling, a daily global fitness challenge I ran for 160+ days with 55 Steemians involved for 580,000+ exercise reps tracked/done by the team, platform improvement ideas, and plenty of drum performance videos for open mic and entertainment. In every case, I can say that I've genuinely tried the best I know how. I only stopped the fitness challenge because of a family situation I'll explain below. The motivation to help others is always there.

All of my Steem Power has been earned and I haven't used any form of bot since Minnowbooster 11 months ago when my account was worth zilch. It was a deal I made with myself early on to embrace the true spirit of the platform. I'm always voting manually and upvote nearly every genuine comment I get.

I joined Steemit a few days after my Dad essentially unfairly disowned me before dying of brain cancer, so it's been an immense help to get me through a very difficult time. A lot of people on Steemit helped me when I started opening up about it. Here's one emotional post I wrote on why Steemit was so important to me then. @idikuci from COM was so moved, I believe that he spent ~100 SBD of his own money to promote it. The comments and reactions I received showed me that the power of Steemit was for real. To continue leaning on the platform for help, I then started writing inspirational posts by his bedside towards the end, knowing it'd keep me sane then.

When I thought I was out of the woods, my Mom was directly crushed in her face/chest by a falling tree during a tornado WHILE driving full speed, and has been in hospitals and rehab centers since mid May. A month later, I found out that the only pet I've ever raised (my comfort animal I suppose) had cancer, and I had to put him down 3 days later. After that, there were major issues with my brother who hasn't handled all of the family challenges so well, which has kept us all worried.

Steemit has helped me immensely with the latter by making daily punchline jokes from the hospitals or during these rough months to find something to smile about. It's been a ton of responsibility supporting her. The comedy community (and comedy open mic - been a judge several times) has evolved into a great support group, and my sweet spot for now, but I want to do more once my Mom is home and I have my home business in full swing again. I find that sharing laughter is of great value on the platform and in peoples' lives outside of it. While Steemit hasn't exactly paid the bills, I continue to resell online for every dime I get, which I love to do, but it's a lot easier to justify travel expenses when life is in order.

In other words, I need a break, and would like to make that SteemFest this year so I can continue to learn, network, and build relationships for the long haul. I really want to meet the people I follow, interact with, and respect. Lastly, if there are going to be any Steemians playing live music, you'd also have an experienced drummer that's ready to rock.

Thanks for the beyond generous offer and taking the time to read this.

Sorry to hear about all your troubles and mishaps. And happy anniversary! You've come a long way.
Being such a fitness-oriented guy, if you haven't yet, I suggest you also check out @actifit - SMT for rewarding fitness activity on the steem blockchain
Best of luck getting that ticket :)

I appreciate your encouragement and support, Sir. Thank you for the idea.

Thanks for doing this Smooth. You're awesome!

Hey smooth , i am yandot from Indonesia , I was a graduate student at a university in my country, Steemit is where I spend my time every day, looking for new experiences and friends on the platform. this is a very pleasant thing in my life. but unfortunately I can only know them by communicating via discord and, I really want to meet all the Steemian and whale in Steemit in Steemfest in Krakon, Poland. The event that was highly anticipated by all steemian to be able to attend the event.

My work at steemit

I have been working with Esteem for a long period of time now. I was working in eSteem University Indonesia . eSteem University is a School or University for steemit users especially eSteemian. I have been a mentor to a lot of Minnows over the course of this one year period I have been on Steemit. I have brought people through the Steemit ranks in my home country of Indonesia, and I have been helpful to a lot of other steemians that are located in different corners of the world. I encourage and support minnows as much as I can because when I can to Steemit, I too was assisted by other members of this generous community, so I do my very best to pay-it-forward.

This is a great hope for everyone to get a free ticket, however, anyone who gets it is the one who deserves it! thank you for giving opportunity to steemian to get the ticket!

Proof of donation

Author reward: 0.000 SBD, 35.280 STEEM and 35.288 STEEM POWER for smooth/steemfest-ticket-contest

Hey, @smooth.

Not here on my own account at all, but to second, third, tenth, twentieth—whatever the count is now—the nomination of @abh12345. His involvement on Steemit in and out of his own leagues is impressive, and the number of folks who support him, just on his own comment here alone, is proof to me that he would not only be representing himself at Steemfest 3, he would also be representing many of us. He is a man of the people, and I feel he is a superlative choice for receiving a free ticket to Steemfest.

Hey Glen

Thank you for this comment, it means a lot to me. Not only for this contest, but from a personal point of view also.

The support I've had with the EL from the likes of yourself this year has been just fantastic, and really provided me with the encouragement to continue.

Thanks once again, much appreciated.

Agreed @glenalbrethsen! Asher is a perfect candidate, totally deserving of this!!

  ·  4 years ago (edited)

I run a #beautifulsunday challenge for several months. OMG, I think it's been more than a year. I encourage qualify posts with low value (a few each week) and give bit of steem to power up the author.
I also run a weekly game that give the liquid SBD/steem as reward to the player(s) who guess the number correctly.
As for may posts, I just go with the flow. #photography #travel #food #tutorial or anything that comes to mind including #whysoserious.
And actually, I don't even want the ticket for myself but I'm 99% sure I'm want to give it to one of my followers. heck, I may just ran another challenge/contest if I win. i know, tough luck but have a good weekend anyway. Cheers. :-)

Ace! I wish you good luck! Hope to see you in Krakow!!

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I'm late to the party. I don't really have the time to provide metrics or graphs but the data is out there. I am a flag enthusiast. I hate seeing people getting rewarded without work or proof of brain if you will and do what I can to stop it.

I have been successful in coordinating many a flag campaign against bad actors and will continue to do so. I have a number of projects that I have been developing on the blockchain namely @steemflagrewards and @flagawhale and have a few more up my sleeve.

We've already been in touch but I am not sure as to the extent that you have evaluated what exactly I have been doing for the chain. I would LOVE feedback. Hell, I would care more for that than the ticket TBH as I see your support as potentially being decisive in achieving mutual objectives.

I'm leaving this comment on a whim. Who knows if you will read it or care. I'll stay to course regardless as there are people, a multitude of minnows and plankton that believe in my work. That's what keeps me going.

Furthermore, the projects I have founded give a number of users a sense of purpose on this chain. That's worth something.

Hey dear!
Nice contest you have here.

About me

My name is Ibrahim Onozasi. I am a computer engineer, 24 years old and live in Nigeria. Generally, I appreciate and love learning new things. As I learn, I try to impart that knowledge to those who are in need of it as I believe it will be of great benefit to them and me.


It has been a pleasant experience here on steem especially with the birth of (A community rewarding open source contributors using Steem) @curie and some other cool initiatives on steemit. I am actively trying to help a lot of users on Steem.

I have done various activities on steem starting with helping people improve at producing quality content. I am a curie curator and a member at and some other stuff. I am actively working on a new project (knacksteem) which is aimed to reward great and passionate article writers, hard-working individuals willing to promote their culture and interesting, fundamental skills (Talent). You can click here to read more about the project.

Why free ticket?

I hope to get in touch with a lot of steemians and most importantly, investors that can help take the project to the next level. I believe that a project like this (knacksteem) will be of great value to the Steem community and even might attract a lot of users to Steem.


I am just starting out with this project of mine (Not really mine but for the entire community) in other to show the world the power they have over the product they produced themselves and not having mediators eat them up by using them.
I am glad that you stand out to help the less privileged get to steemfest. This is a rare, and I hope that you keep doing it.


you impacted me a lot and all i have to say is thank you.your tiredless effort to bring lots of people to steemit through KNACKSTEEM will materialize by Gods grace and the impact will be greatly felt.keep it up,the sky is your starting point.

Wow! Hope you'll make it there @knowledges, lots of beautiful things you've done. An awesome innovation of knacksteem and the value you have brought to open source project through Utopian...
You deserve some accolades for that :) Having great guys with lots of capacity and zeal to share knowledge is awesome ( I love that) You actually need to be there for more visibility for the new birth of that awesome project on steem

  ·  4 years ago (edited)

Hello I am @yann0975

I am steemian since july 1st of 2017 (introduced by @french.fyde)

Together we create @steemauvergne to organize on 03/03/18 tge First Big French Meetup.... with a lot of succes because @heimindanger of dtube was there, @ekitcho of busy was there, Witness @arcance was there ... and at all 50 persons.... (half of steemfest 1st)... you can easyly see this at @steemauvergne profile

Then, on 1st july this year, still with french.fyde, we create a new form of reward on STEEM BLOCKCHAIN... a new Vision ... a new future...
We create @cleanplanet

Cleanplanet wants to reward each steemians who clean our world in action prooved by video or photography that they put trashes grab in Nature or City and put it in public trashcan.
Cleanplanet wants to limit pollution all around the world by actions.
Cleanplanet began to reward eco-citizen gesture.
Cleanplanet announced that the 1st eco token will create at SMTs.

I invite you to have a look at @cleanplanet... our non profit account...

We want to go at Steemfest 3... really... and meet poeple and expose our project

Thank you very much
I Hope See you soon at krakow

@smooth, This contest is really appreciable and individuals will going to get an chance to attain this amazing environment where they can meet, productive, artists and creative people.

I hope and wish that this time's SteemFest will be really fun and one more thing is an great aspect and that is there more SteemFest contests are going on and in my opinion for sure it's an great Engagement Aspect.

And now SMT's are announced so hopefully this time's SteemFest will going to hold the SMT flavour too and that enthusiasm will going to spread add on value.

So, good luck to everyone and let's hope that whoever will going to win it for sure going to have an awesome time at SteemFest and it will be productive too.

Wishing you an great day and stay blessed. 🙂

Oh fuck, I really don't like these self-glorification kind of things, but here it goes.

On Steemit, I'm a part of some groups that have the goal of helping new Steemians get a foothold on the platform. I delegate some of my limited SP to @helpie, @thesteemengine & @msp-waves. That's just peanuts though, not really that important IMO.

What I'm really passionate about is promoting Steemit to the masses. I'm constantly buggering my friends to join Steemit, can't really provide proof for most of that, since it just happens in offline conversations.

I'll just share a little pre-Steemfest story... For the past month or so, I've been trying to convince my good friend Meredith l. Patterson, to join me on Steemit and also go to Steemfest with me. She's an old-school crypto nerd who isn't that easily convinced. Now, if I could offer to pay for her ticket out of my own pocket (due to winning this contest ;) ). I think there's a pretty good chance that she might become an ambassador for Steemit, once I introduce her to this awesome community.

Aside from that, I always try to push people to start blogging here (not in an obnoxious way I hope).

That's it really, I might not have some of the skills that other people have, but I do really try to bring more people to Steemit.

Here's one thread I've started on Bitcointalk, in hopes to get more people onto Steemit:

Hi, as a huge contributor as well as just big fan of the #comics hash tag on Steemit for literally years, I also would just like a vacation. You also will have to provide transportation fees for an "adult" and two cats (sizes can be seen here). We will find lodging, but the ticket just isn't enough, need airfare too. Thank you for enjoying reading one of two winning entries.

I also did this little graphical manipulation that I am super proud of that should be worth both tickets really.


I would like to ask people from Steemit why they create a pool rape themselves and do not want to fight it. They create many pathologies and want to create some "GPT" to solve them.

Unfortunately, Steemit Inc. is a closed company and they do not want to talk to anyone. Sad. Maybe with Steemfest I can do it ;)

It's Anil, I'm around that's all what I'm doing for steem and I'd like to have a ticket to get my ass up apply for a visa and passport, get into a lot of debt. Jokes aside it'll be funny to read these comments and what does people do here. Noice, noice...


Good on you! I look forward to talking again at Steenfest3! Until then! :)

i would like to tell you because of my beautiful library off memory-moment displayed here on steemit for my offspring. I want to enter and if i win can i please give my ticket to the one person that got me convinced i needed to be here 8 months ago. @s3rg3, I want him to have the oppertunity to go without any doubt his great wish. I hope i win :) thanks for the possibility
greets from Rotterdam Holland

Congratulations @smooth!
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I joined steem 2 months back and I am crypto trader and tech savvy. I wrote many useful posts related to tech and crypto which have been helpful for steem community to gain more knowledge. In future also I will ensure to share such full of knowledge posts. Thanks.

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If there was any doubt about the functionality or purpose of the Steem Blockchain, peeps should read ALL the comments :)
I wish I could give all of the nominees a ticket if I could. They all deserve to be at Steemfest imo.

me. i establish general peace on steem through my poems.altough no one is reading them i am still at peace. hah

I dunno if I’m late but i shall test my luck even here. I recorded a video where i share my Steem story, my vision of Steem’s future and my motivation to visit Steemfest:)

hellmi am vasilis and i am livving in greece.....i am psting my woork in steem because i need some money for my situation due to i have multiple sclerosis and i need money fr this......have a nice day

Really what you saying is the race is not for the swift... Nice but I joined in the last few days so cant boast but a ticket won't be a bad idea to get acquainted


I don't know what to tell about myself and Steem, because I just joined Steemit, I'm still learning and learning about Steemit. I hope the masters will help me to stay here, thank you to the people who have been supporting and helping me so far. sorry my english is very bad.

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Hi @smooth,Sir, I salute you, Sir, I started working on Estimate from last month, and I look forward to my estimate on this estimate platform. Sir, please do not mind my point of view, I am very poor with money, but I feel that I can earn something through this forum, I have a request from you, my request is that as much as you can Please help me. I am ready to do the same thing on this forum, Sir, I will not forget this lifetime of your favor. I tried very hard to work online for 1 year but I did not find such a platform, Sir, I would like to thank you once more.