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There is something I noticed in my life recently, which is quite peculiar. At least from my point of view.


I once told you that everything in life and life itself changes constantly in such a way, that things that had been worrying us in the past for years, stop to do so unnoticed. And if you try to remember what "problems" you had in life 10 years ago, you will most probably find that you you don't have these problems any more. Not because they don't "exist", but because they are not problems for you any more.


And what I found out recently is the same in regard to people who surrounded me over the years. Type of people, people with certain zodiac signs, if you will (Yeah, I know it probably sounds crazy, but I wouldn't bother to share it here if I didn't consider it truth.)


So until quite recently, in my life prevailed the presence of certain specific people. And they were indeed of one particular zodiacal group comprising the corresponding 3 signs.


I cannot say that I got along well with these people. I even think we've always had disagreements even in terms of our views on life and how it should be lived, what should and shouldn't be done. And yet, everywhere I turned, I was surrounded by these people - I had such people in the family I was born into, the friends I grew up with, the friends later in life, colleagues, bosses, boyfriends. All my life.


Then suddenly everything changed. You know, I told you that everything in life happens imperceptibly.
And now, if I look around, there are no such people around me anymore. They just disappeared.


With some of them, things happened imperceptibly. Quiet and peaceful. We stopped hearing from each other, writing to each other, seeing each other. With others we had misunderstandings like "why did you unfriend me on FB?", when I never did it, or a series of misunderstandings that involved arguments like: I said this to you and you said that to me, and I assumed that you wanted to tell me that and I decided to end my contacts with you. Or - let's talk tomorrow, no, let's talk the day after tomorrow, no - in a week, no - later... And we never talked.


Things happened as if life just erased these people from my life. It seems as if they were only in it for some specific purpose and for a specific period of time. But as they have fulfilled their role, their presence in my life has begun to resemble a dialing error. Because we never spoke, we never understood each other.


And it all fell apart suddenly. I took a breather too.
Now I welcome all the new people into my life, knowing that something completely different and unknown awaits me, never experienced before.
Do you have similar observations about about the people in your life or not?

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Personally, I am a sensitive soul with a strong sense of justice.
Traveling and photography are my greatest passions.
Sounds trivial to you?
No, it's not trivial. Because I still love to travel to not so famous destinations.🗺️
Of course, the current situation does not allow me to do this, but I still find a way to satisfy my hunger for knowledge, new places, beauty and art.
Sometimes you can find the most amazing things even in the backyard of your house.😊🧐🧭|

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I'm not sure if I've had much changing in the pool of my friends and I would have to re-think, to recall friendships over my lifetime.
But at the moment this seems not attractive to me. Maybe I would be able to learn somethin, maybe I would be embarrassed, maybe I would be directed wrong by such trials.
Reflections on mirrors are not more and not less than reflections on mirrors, in my humble opinion, in my eyes.
There are two major lights I reckon to make impacts: the sun and the moon. So if you would tell me that peope born under sunlight differ from people born while moonlight was shining, I would not be suprised.

Ha ha, in my opinion, there are many other differences between people, than just born in sun or moon light. And to tell the truth, I've never thought about that 😀 As you've probably never heard of that I wrote in the post 🙃