Happy New year 2022

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We made it to 2022 and i have been having a great Xmas break, spending time with the Family and we had visitors over the Xmas period.

I have had a busy end to the working year and am looking forward to 2022, which is going to be a year of change.

Been having lots of yummy food like this home made Bruschetta
Nothing beats some homemade food to share with friends

Also with Summer in full swing the pool is getting a lot is use, when i took the pool cover off this morning the temp was 24.5 degrees C.
i also have been getting some help with removing the pool cover lol

Hoping your Xmas new year period has been as relaxing as ours.

Have a good day from us here in NZ

I am @kiwiscanfly


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🌈💙 Happy New Year friend, I wish it was a year of many successes and blessings in your life.

Thanks for that :)

i hope you have a great year coming my friend

Merecidas vacaciones querido amigo y muy buena comida.

Deseo que este nuevo año pueda alcanzar nuevas y mejores metas.


Happy new year to you

2022 will be YOUR Year and the next one and the next one :)

Wishing you and your loved ones a great year in 2022! Cheers!

Thank you for that, i hope the start to the new year has been good for you

All good! 👍 Thank you. 😊

happy new year too, wish you and your family all the best

Thanks same to you :)

Gonna be hot again today so more swimming for US!

Correct young man :)

Happy newyear my dear friend ♡♡ I hope you had an awesome new year... May all your wishes comes true.

Thanks we had a great New year, hope you also had a great New year :)

Lets see what 2022 brings...

happy year full of cheerful and spirit brother brother spirit in this year get blessings.🤗🤗🤗

Having a good holiday is very effective starting for a new year well 👌 The first snow comes to mind at New Year, it is unusual for me to welcome a new year in the pool 😀 Although there is no snow in my city, it is not hot enough to plunge into the pool. Your cute cat seems to have been of great help in removing the cover of the pool 😄
Happy new year to you and your family 🤗

Thanks for your kind words

We had a great New Year and i hope you had an awesome New Year as well 😻

Nice to hear that 🌼 I think the thing that makes the new year perfect is being with our loved ones and I was with them 😊

Happy new year Boss.
wow, the food for the new year's event is so delicious