My Weekly Downvote report 🔻

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I have been noticing over the past 4 weeks an increase in undesirable activity on this Blockchain which requires all of us to take a stand.

What are they doing?

  • We have accounts that spam links on users posts that add zero value in either content or upvotes
  • People with 2 or 3 accounts that are farming rewards, i caught a person that was trying to get @steemcurator01 to visit both profiles for upvotes
  • The above removes rewards from the reward pool that could have been coming YOUR way.
  • People copying others work and trying to pass it off as theirs's
  • Scammers just trying to game the reward pool

Here is my weekly Downvoting report




What can we do?

Well for a start you can report suspicious activity for a start, you can also use your downvoting power to flag anything dodgy.

If you feel uncomfortable flagging an account let me know i will have a look.


@xpilar wrote a post an hour or so ago about this subject which encouraged me to write this one, we need to keep our Blockchain clean.

If you have any thoughts on this let me know,

All pictures and screenshots are mine

Kind Regards

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Thank you for this post and the anti-abuse work you are doing.

These accounts have been passed on to Engineering for delegation removal etc.

We are looking for a more permanent and sustainable solution.

Thank you

The Steemit Team

thank you for that - sounds good

have a great day

Just downvoted some of these I will definitely go through the rest thanks for sharing 👍🏾

I am ready to fight abuse with my DV power. I already did it yesterday, after @stef1 brought us again to the attention of content thieves of art. That is so mean. Nobody wants to be robbed of their intellectual property. If these users also get rewards for it, art and texts become stolen goods. That must not be tolerated!

But I see a problem: The users you name are rather small. At the moment only @steemcurator01 with its high SP can do something against the really big abusers (see Trending-Page), if we don't form a well organized group (via delegations?). Alone, nobody has a chance against "the big ones", the fear of igniting a "Flag-War" prevails.

yeah i saw that one yesterday and was not impressed either, yes these smaller accounts are just spamming external links mainly, interestingly most of them have delegations from the Steem account


That's a signup issue i believe and am not sure how we could stop that, new accounts need a hand (sp) so they have some Resource credits to use for commenting/posting/voting etc..

new accounts need a hand (sp)

Yes, of course. And it is very good, that Steemit provides it. As I've seen they start to take away the opening SP from users people like us uncover. That's a good step.

Maybe some kind of "posting fee" might avoid the spamming of small accounts. But I don't know how you can implement this without restricting honest newcomers in their actions.

Thank you. Trying to find solution acceptable to the whole community is difficult.

Any particular accounts you feel need bigger downvotes?

Trying to find solution acceptable to the whole community is difficult.

Oh yes, I believe that!

Any particular accounts you feel need bigger downvotes?

Well, what happens if I name them here?!

Okay, a very good way to discover abusers is the "Abuse Finder" by @steemchiller. This is a very mighty tool, but hardly anyone uses it.

Many accounts that are displayed with it use @upvu. Whether this is an abuse is often discussed. If this service is used excessively, it is abuse for me personally. I do not know exactly what your opinion is about this.On the one hand you ask the users in your announcements not to use this service, on the other hand you seem to tolerate it. On this point I really don't want to interfere and don't want to denounce anyone.

Then there is the "haejin-empire", which used to be strongly fought against in former times. Take a look at the account of goulash and who supports his daily multiple postings (especially ranchorelaxo who is owned by haejin, but there are many more). This is quite a big deal, isn't it?

Many thanks for your ear... :-)

Thank you for this report, on other side I was a bit amused this morning when I saw that the abuser who we revealed now is fighting plagiarism but unfortunately without proper job done before. Calling people to downvote I am afraid that many of them will do without checking that would be a disaster, check this link:

Keep up the good work 👍🏾

Thanks for that - will do

No problems 🤝

i see what you mean about having to comment so you can see and push the submit button for the downvote

  • edit actually when looking at the feed view you can

here is my contribution

ok i gotta go talk tomorrow

Good work on this, if you need any extra grunt let me know girlfriend lol

Thanks for sharing @kiwi-crypto

it looks like some of these accounts just share useless links, they have damaged the value of creativity

the image below I screenshot yesterday


Would you say things are improving or getting worse for steem as it pertains to the amount of genuine content vs spam?

최신글 순서대로 봐도 수십 개가 보이는데, 신고할 필요가 있을까? 관리나 제대로 하는 게 효과적이지.

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