Fastbuds Zkittlez & 🍊 Sherbert Auto's

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Another week has passed on both current grows with both showing great growth, both have just started flowering and the🍊sherbets should be ready a week after the Zkittlez


Here is the Zkittlez grow 7 days ago

7 Days later...


🍊 Sherbert

These are in a small tent and all 3 are being LST'd as i don't have a huge amount of head room in this tent.



The Sherbert's are being grown in 26L Airpots which are pretty good, i have grown this strain before and love the extract they produce.


A mate of mine put me on to this stuff as he said it turns tennis ball's into Softball's in terms of the end Bud size result, i will use this with my other liquid flowering stuff :)

Must be time to give them a drink

All pics are mine

Blaze on @dr-autoflower


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