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The site

My focus for my empire building is currently firmly on my site, Guitar Review Central, which, as the title suggests, provides reviews of guitars and guitar gear. It's a fairly easy maintenance site, which is monetised with Amazon links.


My main focus at the moment is on trying to get traffic, which I am doing through a couple of know what strategies to start with:

  1. Pinterest Groups: this is about finding Pinterest Groups with large followings that are guitar related, and requesting permission to collaborate. This puts my posts, many of which which come from my site, in front of potentially thousands.
  2. Instagram: building a following through posting imags like the one above, at strategic times of day. I started this up today, and have whopping 30 followers now 🙄🙄 (better than my following here actually, Steemit is a very slow build)

The results

I'll be plugging away at it over the next little while, will keep you both updated 😂😂🤣🤣

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