Pause All Auto Votes!

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Steemdunk now officially supports pausing all outgoing auto votes.

This has been a requested feature that's been on the back burner for quite some time while other higher priority projects were in the works for @steemdunk. It is now here!

Other changes and fixes

  • The new logo is now used on the website
  • The bot will now take into consideration the vote log to prevent duplicate voting

Earn passive income by delegating

The next goal is to reach 20000 Steem Power

Thank you to those who have delegated, we have reached the 10000 Steem Power goal a little while ago!

The bot currently works with an instantaneous boost rather than the traditional bid bot. By delegating Steem Power the bot will increase it's power to serve more users while providing a daily passive income for those who delegate. 75% of the payment pool is paid out to delegators every day.

Delegation URL:

Replace "YOURNAMEHERE" with your account name and replace "100.000" with the amount you'd like to delegate. Make sure to keep the "%20SP" as it represents a space and the Steem Power symbol. As soon as the operation is broadcasted, you will be automatically registered as a sponsor and will start receiving payouts during the next payout cycle.

A big thank you for our premium users!

This project will continue living with your direct support. Premium helps support the hosting costs directly so the service will be as reliable as possible.

Running a witness

Please consider voting @samrg472 as witness! Hours of my time is dedicated to making @steemdunk the greatest it can be and hosting is expensive! There's still a lot to be done, by voting me for witness, you will help expand the service and keep the service cheap for our premium users! Click me to vote using SC2

Steemdunk is a completely open source project!

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Just started to use @steemdunk & voted for @samrg472 as witness.

Awesome new features!
More power

This is a great new feature! Thanks for your continuous development!

No it is not it trains your typing skills.

These are some new and great improvements!

very cool

Another great addition!

Another amazing aspect of the Steemdunk system!

thanks @steemdunk for your information. I support 100% for your opinion

20,000 Steem Power, we can do it...

HELP! I think some of my votes are not going through in the last days, and I am also not getting all the votes I would normally get from my steemdunkers! I am not trying to pause right now - I
m trying to vote :)

  ·  5 years ago (edited)

Hi @fitinfun, I've investigated the vote logs for your account. Looks like the majority of the "failed votes" are false positives from the blockchain after the broadcast, so your vote is still on that article in most cases.

I've also investigated the vote logs for your supporters (that use Steemdunk), I see nothing out of the ordinary except what was stated above. For some, the daily limit has been exceeded according to their settings they configured.

Thank you so much! I just had a bunch of votes come in on my last post. Would you mind taking a look at my son's account too? @bxlphabet - I just looked at his posts and they seem not to be getting the normal votes as well. You both love your service :)

@fitinfun, he has fewer supporters (using Steemdunk for auto votes), but their vote logs check out without issues (some daily limits exceeded as well, but not often).

Ok - thank you so much! We both need to work harder!

This is an awesome feature for if you need to give your account a good break!

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I like it

That's awesome. I'm happy to see this option!