Maintenance Update - First Half of Multiserver Deployed!

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Maintenance Update!

March 12th 22:00 to 23:30 UTC was the maintenance update for the database, it was mentioned in a previous post but no specific time and date was mentioned (other than urgent). The database is now running on 2 servers in synchronicity successfully. :)

Approximately 7 hours of data was rolled back (from 20:00) from a backup during the process due to an error when converting the database to the cluster mode.

Screenshot of the ArangoDB cluster interface.

The next step is to deploy the bot and front end in a cluster on the 2 servers for a true multiserver failover. If the server has another outage it'll be easy to deploy on another server as the database is in complete synchronicity with each other. While it may not be a true cluster yet, it's possible to recover services much more quickly in the event of an outage.

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It is possible to delegate less than 100, however, I recommend keeping your SP to avoid running into bandwidth issues.

Nice, looking forward to full deployment!

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hi @steemdunk give me one upvote,,i gave you

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