Nitrous v1.0.5 + ScotBot Updates - Account History API, Feed Improvements, Multiple-Tribe Instances

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The changes are summarized above and in this post, along with other improvements.

Account History in Wallet

We have now integrated with @holger80's SCOT Account History endpoint, and nitrous instances expose the history within the wallet. There's more work for filtering and pagination, but for now it will now tell you recent rewards broken down by curation, author, mining, staking, or beneficiary. It's probably suitable for most use cases for now.

This has been rolled out for a while now.

Feed and Blog APIs Now With Resteems!

A large problem with the Nitrous instances were the main user feed and blog feed pages, and before there was an endpoint set up that could get them, but it did not account for resteems. Now that has been indexed into the Scot Backend and accessible through the endpoints:

These all work with start_author, start_permlink to paginate as well, and are essentially matching the Steem condenser_api endpoints.

This will be rolling out shortly to the various instances.


I completed work that allows for running multiple tribes in a single nitrous server where it has a different set of settings depending on what the hostname is. This will help with reducing costs of the current workflow that currently hosts a server per tribe. For tribes that have relatively few customizations, this will allow for moving them into the multi-tribe instance. Will be seeing which ones I can easily merge in.


That's all for now. As usual, if you have anything to report you can use the github to file issues as well (There's a few asks bouncing around where I intend to put them there as well to keep better track of them as well).

A natural next step for example will be to do the same for /comments, /replies, and a common ask is /payout as well.

Until next time, cheers!

v1.0.6 and v1.0.7

Editing here to include minor edits. See

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Scotbot updates

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Hi @eonwarped what’s you problem. Why -upvote my post....?


Ah, I'm too new to this environment to understand any of what you said here. :(

Where can I find some dummified info about tribes and nitrous? I want to know how they work and what they mean to the people who use them.

I would just say to try playing around with it in steempeak or the various custom websites lying around (e.g. Not sure where there's a full comprehensive reference anywhere though, maybe on

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Hi, I want to ask if you can make a post about curation across tribes token, in relation to this your post

Aside from the mathematical jargons there, I'll be glad if you can just say it in lay man's term when is the best time to curate a post.


There's no curation timer, so basically as soon as possible. Note that this strategy is not good for your steem curation.