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The world economy has been dominated of late by powerful entities that seek to centralize and dominate markets.

The #steemcryptochallenge by @steemitblog is asking use to write about the buzzword #defi.

I love the rhetoric surrounding the word. The world needs new technology to counter the centralized exchanges that dominate the market. The low transaction costs associated with crypto and the ability to develop secure contracts on the blockchain are intriguing.

The greatest problem with crypto at the moment is that most of the contracts are abstract. To have a solid impact on the market, crypto needs to leap the chasm from abstract contracts to tangible goods.

Crypto resides on the Internet. It seems to me that the lowest lying fruit is advertising.

As I read articles about the promise of DeFi my brain keeps leaping back to the fact that DeFi must create tangible goods. The tangible good on the Internet is links (aka ad space).

I happen to have millions of ad displays a year that I would love to sell. Most of the ad space targets the Western US. I have some adspace specific to crypto and to finance.

Currently I am asking for a $0.20 CPM. Twenty cents buys 1000 ad views in the upper fold of a target page. I might give special deals to the first people who contact me.

If anyone is interesting buying ads, you can let me know in the comments.

It is possible to Direct Message people with transactions. Simply transfer me 0.001 STEEM with a comment in the memo. SteemIt encrypts memos that begin with a # . I will DM you back with the same 0.001 STEEM.

I am happy to take STEEM, SBD, LEO, TRON or any crypto that I can accept on Bittrex or Coinbase ... as well as paypal.

I will also accept hot red muscle cars. The picture is a Stingray that I encountered at Brighton.


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