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Some of you have wondered what this account is and if it's a legitimate @steemcleaners account.

Yes, it is a legitimate account.

This account is meant to be used instead of @cheetah to warn others that a user is on the @steemcleaners blacklist.

Why did we swap to this account? It's simple. We didn't want @cheetah, our beloved similar-content robot, to be associated with undue negativity. Her role is to show that a post is similar to another piece of information on the internet and it's not always an indication that the post has been plagiarized.

The role of this account, on the other hand, is to warn and state that yes, such and such account is something you should be aware of as having been engaged in fraud.

Who ends up on the @steemcleaners blacklist? Users that are engaged in fraud of all types, including persistent plagiarism, identity theft, hacking, art theft, malicious deception and other fraudulent activity.

We hope this makes it a little clearer for you.

Happy New Year,

~ the @steemcleaners team

This is a @null burn post with @null set as the beneficiary.

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And so...
It would be nice to see if the author, who I am and have rights over the photos and text, does not publish elsewhere!
I expect an apology!

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You don't need to download Discord. It's also a website.

You do on a phone or at least I did.

there were accounts that only existed to downvote the others I guess as upon looking at the accounts, it was already created months ago but still there has no post existed. Even the introductory part.

Why is @endless.drugs in the blacklist?

Doubt you will read this, as you never did my comments on the posts you keep flagging.

@tommysotomayor is a huge influencer who posts here from his official website using Steempress. This is easily verified using Steemworld. You continue to flag his posts as a plagiarizer/ID thief. If you believe (in error) he is plagiarizing, (he posts articles that are not his) he is not. He posts them so his daily show has context. His shows videos are on every post.

I doubt he will ever go to your Discord (nor will I, as I don't do Discord), nor should he have to. You should at least look at your comment section here, since this is where you are playing judge, jury and flagecutioner.

Tommy has a huge following, and as I mentioned some time back to you, he is friends with many celebrities, such as Judge Joe Brown. Please stop flagging him as it actually benefits the chain when people like him come and have a positive experience. If he were to ever get pissed at what you are doing, his bad word of mouth to his daily viewers would reach A LOT of people.

He was originally added for plagiarism because community members saw his news posts and reported them, as these news are also found from other sources. Normally when someone actually has a following and many fans reading, they will let us know that the person is a legitimate news outlet. In this case, we've never heard of it until now.

Because our posts are getting hit by a massive spam attack, we are unable to accurately track replies to them through monitoring tools, which is why it's difficult to know that we have replies like yours. The spammers are trying to deliberately make it so we can't monitor our legitimate replies.

Anyways, I've checked on the account and it's posting original content. It's been unbanned.

Thank you.

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I don’t know why you blacklisted me ??? I have original photos and my own text. Although I understand why you did it. I have several accounts from one ip address. But you did not take into account that I have a wife and a son. who are sitting at the same computer and also want to participate in this program.

Back in July SC accused me of plagiarism. Or it seemed like it. I don't know but they commented on a video I posted where my face was shown saying I have to verify that the content is mine. My FACE being in the video isn't enough proof wtf!!!!

Jadi taik juga lo kan

Edit: It looks like your website it back up and running. Thank you! It is still lacking a lot of information though. Let me know if any of my concerns plan to be addressed.

Please revise your systems. These are my 10 Complaints I have against @steemcleaners.

  1. Can't be expected to respond to comments on this ONE and ONLY post for the @steemcleaner account. There aren't very many comments here to be addressed. People do not comment here very frequently. For some people, the blockchain is the only place they are familiar with to reach you on.
  2. Can't always provide proof of crimes. Burden is on the accused to prove innocence. Normally law enforcement does not penalize crimes unless charges are made by the person the crime was committed against. Privacy and information security are often damaged by demanding proof be made on twitter and youtube. Many authors can easily verify their authenticity by responding to a confidential email or confirming a verification code for instance on their public social media account.
  3. Rewards for flagging provides bias against the accused. Rewards for flags encourages people to flag more content. Penalties for flagging content incorrectly is not enough to discourage people from reporting more erroneous violations. There is no incentive to protect those who are wrongly accused from those who seek profit by ruining them. Rewarding investigative advocates who can prove a person's innocence for a crime they are wrongly accused of would be a good start, and help avoid ugly altercations. It would help resolve issues quicker, and encourage teamwork between both parties.
  4. Reviews against the accused are potentially made by the same people who investigated them and/or flagged them. A better due-process to fairly review appeals needs to exist.
  5. Hostility from people who are wrongly flagged is being mistaken as rude and abusive behavior. When presenting themselves in discord, the accused are risking further countermeasures by voicing more of their complaints. Under the threat of retaliation, it is understandable that a person might want to fight back by voicing threats of their own. Yes, your group members do not deserve to be treated badly. Neither does the person who is wrongly accused, and they are right to be angry against the person and organization who did this to them if it was done so wrongly. Perhaps they should be better rewarded for damages against their good work and good name.
  6. Condescending responses to complaints. The violation should be the subject matter of responses given, not the person, their organization, or the nature of their other work. Most people prefer a short statement only pertaining to the matter addressed, to avoid further public embarrassment or escalation. Decorum matters even when dealing with the filthiest scum, because it is the reflection of your character when you treat people with variable degrees of justice than for others.
  7. Continually flagging on ALL future content for a single violation is overkill. Continuously flagging obviously original content does not help anyone. This is a form a revenge flagging that your organization openly approves of.
  8. Permanent inclusion of a person onto the blacklist is overkill. Crimes, especially petty ones, should be forgiven after a certain period of time for one-time offenders. It's quite a severe punishment here on the blockchain when a person realizes their profile has been marked in a manner they cannot control. It can lead to sudden rage quitting from long time users as well as new ones. This needs to be better prevented. Offenders should be encouraged to be rehabilitated into becoming healthy contributors who abide by the accepted rules, rather than permanently deemed irredeemable wastes of RC and steem. Yes, you do this by inviting people into discord to reconcile. I think it is not a very effective system.
  9. Ganging up against people in discord when they make an appeal. Making jokes, threats, and demands of strangers. The accused risk much by humbling themselves in a discord channel filled with people who have an offensive bias (they get rewarded) against them. The dagger memes I witnesses in my first 30 minutes on the discord server were overkill. There is no need for a bot in the channel to also perpetuate taking pleasure in a person's misery. The bot psychologically dismantles opponents by ruling on a person's guilt, sometimes prior to a person's ability to finish providing a justified defense for their innocence. As an onlooker, I would not wish for anyone to have to suffer through this charade to clear their name.
  10. Lack of public posted rules and policies. It does not need to exist on an exterior website or github. Sure, other services might make a pretty, well-organized, searchable list to host things, but right now you have nothing. Not even an unfinished rough draft for people to view is provided when requested. A well-organized committee that makes decisions together should have no problem assigning the task to a single member to post updated rules here on the blockchain for all affected users to learn from. It would actually save a lot of time in the future to have so many questions answered plainly in view for all to see. On the blockchain it is easy to edit at any time when rules and policies are changed. Surely @steemcleaners has rules, policies, and procedures somewhere. We can't see them. Please put them all in one place.

There are so many flaws. The reason I posted this is because I believe many people are receiving flags who do not deserve them. Many people are being accused by @steemcleaners of things that are untrue, or misrepresented.

By labeling a person is likely a plagiarist, identity thief, or spammer lumps them all in together as equally bad. It also accuses them of actively continuing to commit these crimes, which is not necessarily so. The courtesy comments left by @steemcleaners to warn users about the blacklisted authors is also a form a spam if, in fact, it is stating something untrue (slander) on all of their posts. On many front-ends, like steempeak, the spam comments are also redundant and unnecessary because the blacklist mark also exists next the user's name at the top of all of their posts.

I am happy to discuss these things and edit/delete this comment if it is inappropriate in any way. In fact, I will likely remove this comment within a week or so after I have confirmed my points have been acknowledged, and it no longer needs to remain. I welcome others to also state their own grievances.

I am not on the @steemcleaners blacklist, and hope I will not be discouraged from offering criticism. I say these things to support people who I feel are wrongly blacklisted, and perhaps to compel @steemcleaners to improve their systems.

Please continue to do your awesome work flagging clear violations, @steemcleaners. I hope you will continue to improve your abilities. It is not an easy goal (To eradicate the endless spam and information abuse on steem? I am also unsure where your mission statement is.), though I think your group is reaching greater heights every day.

This is my entry for the #monomad challenge

Monomad is one of the themes of... https://steempeak.com/monomad/@ayjoe/executive-agenda-book

My post only photo, still down vote, how to release blacklist,lets me know please, thanks

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I want you to explain to me where I did something wrong. Check out all my posts! You are ruining the reputation of the blockchain! Please remove me from the black list!

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Because you post other people's work?

Have you considered that?

Just wondering...

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