Review of 2022

in steemalive •  9 months ago 

In a world of today where everything happen for one reason or the other, let look at the ladies it’s been a trend now that all they do is where fake stuffs to either impress the male or female gender, it’s has also been known that they world is really evolving and everything is changing fast and there is nothing we can do to change that fact, everything the lady gender wear are all fake and artificial, so I was just on my way to work when I saw the lady on bike and the bike guy was just on a high speed suddenly the air was just too much on the girl and it’s blown away everything she was putting on I mean her eye lashes and her hair and the most suprising thing is that it’s blown up a ass out every one around shouted and it’s was so bad and shameful, I got so upset and worried about what this generation had turn into and everything going the wrong way.


Fake everything fake hair , hair nails, just too fake

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