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If 'this post is hidden due to low ratings' that usually means one or two accounts voted against while all of the million+ others did not. Theres no safety risk, just 'click to reveal' the data, explanations, numbers and everything in the post(s) - Steemit is a bit peculiar, opinion weighs as much as your wallet ...

The less a writer discusses his work—and himself—the better. The master chef slaughters no chickens in the dining room; the doctor writes prescriptions in Latin; the magician hides his hinges, mirrors, and trapdoors with the utmost care.(Jack Vance)

Goldman Morgan,
the vaultkeeper of Tyrnannoght

Today is Blüming, 27, Year of the Will'o wisp
total number of internal wallets : 162
  • number of client accounts : 125
  • number of player accounts : 1
  • number of npc accounts : 8
  • number of zone accounts : 9
  • number of sponsor accounts : 13
  • number of trader accounts : 1
  • number of investor accounts : 5

  1. Blüming, 15 : not sure what to think of the state of teh cahin lately . All kinds of theories, yet i, for one, have a hard time believing they would be SUCH idiots as to sabotage themselves. IF the morgan posts were still to pay they would automatically be table-d to the sites databases but for now all they do is keep track of who voted (to open an account as it has been from the start) and the votecount ofcourse. Setting the account status happens on the site (gm - part) and ive been trying to make 'players' with a steemit (and hopefully later hive-)wallet for playcoin move immediately to the login bit (where you generate a character and can choose to play limbo). I think (everything subject to change) it should be possible to just load the client and click start where you get a random char + random items which you can get (only) in limbo instead of manually playing it but the custom client as such (which should , thats two times shuhd lol) work the same no matter what account you have (standard - steem - hive - who knows maybe more after i can manage to fix hive in). SO the site will be character management and playing limbo (if you choose to) hoping to max the items or get the best combo to your liking + minigames (which might or might not have influence on actual wallet balance) + for crypto-enabled the AH and 'sponsor'-type bits ... as i said, e.t.a. 2150-ish ... i just took a look back at savage lands this week it said 'you have reviewed this game in 2015' then when i click the game page (valve-steam) it STILL says early access ... soulcalibur VI lists about 500 or more people at the end-credits scroller ... a demo for like amiga might have taken 8 months or more when developed by a whole team of tek-heads so i actually have NO shame claiming it will be finished by 2150 :D gud ...
  2. Blüming, 2 : plenty of minor alterations , skip intro , inside of 'bank' house of morgan marking out and deleting readabilitizing and ... i dont know ... pandemic?
  3. ManyWeather, 25 : well ... that fullscreenthingy i found yesterday for OFC-mini certainly comes in handy here. It seems to be scene dependent and will only trigger on user-input (browser-safeties against scriptkiddies), another call for a custom client. No, im not worried there either, sid meyer can use a black CEO Nwabudike Morgan for the money faction ... i don't see why Gold-man is a problem ... tilemap is prelim, since i barely get anything done under current circumstances, although at least im doing SOMETHING again i think its better to get program/function first and fill in the fluff later. Login disabled now until the bodyguard has entered the building. hitbox adjustment. This part is supposed to work on a phone too so there be testing later, i DO have a phone ... its an evil Xiami though (i have a huawei as well, i always wonder what i would do with the iThing since the difference is basically an extra intel cpu for me ..??) Still included rendered gfx for the bg but i think ill move that all to tiles ... so this is where you will find an AH for the 'trader' type accounts as well as a waiting room for morganminigames, the only one so far is crack the vault, and same there ... works first, gfx later (but it works ... you can bet your money ... crypto sorry ... but only if you have balance and with the downvotes its gonna be hard unless you charge it by sending steem ...) ... i dont know why i would feel obliged towards Apple ? ... if iOS(is that it?) runs firefox then it can run the game , or should ... i dont know i havent tested and im half inclined to make the main game "linux-first" with a custom client (my marketing harem will castrate me but well ...) Cryptonites dont want game anyway, they want the promise of goldfever. So if you play cryptowallet you can get a trader account to trade items back and forth, like a dex , only without tokens that are cryptokens ... for real steem or hive , yes ... so the moment i post this, how long will it take before steemmonsters puts it up you think ? :-) isnt that how the world works ? isnt that why microsoft bought github? hm ... or am i just paranoid like that and all humans are great supreme beings, flawless ... like judges, cops and politicians ... divine .. LMAO , okay marketing harem scowls at me, ready to attack ...
  4. ManyWeather, 21 : the summergnomes are trying to make me buiten spelen and someone is in testing mode i think ... Salems Lot be Salems lot ... i think most of it should automatically add, vote count, lastseen, coin balance, negative votes to losers. Ofc. since i dont have a pc running 24/7 insta-credit by sending won't, if its on the morganwallet will find it but it wont translate to the tables auto yet. Its actually not steemit-day, its wednesday already, see ... it must be summergnome trying the same old shit
  5. ManyWeather, 19 : ticking off the todo's ... moving the inside to a tilemap, seriously considering a larger frame since ive seen the site on a 4K screen once now ... that was ridiculously small. Maybe i move for linux exclusive 4k monitors ... just in case i already had too many pre-orders ... :)
    1. (Thethawing, 2) steemitboard sent an emissary to the house of Morgan (one or more vault stash increased severe experimental , will happen at cycle)
    2. (Thethawing, 2) Steemplayer sent an emissary to the house of Morgan (one or more vault stash increased severe experimental , will happen at cycle)
    3. (Thethawing, 2) Cat of Shadows sent an emissary to the house of Morgan (one or more vault stash increased severe experimental , will happen at cycle)
    4. (Mörsgyr, 11) Saraswathi sent an expedition into the Western Tunnels (+10 gold to zone funds severe experimental)
    5. (Mörsgyr, 8) Lady of the Slain was seen whipping a henchman through the Western Tunnels in training (+10 gold to zone funds severe experimental)


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