You should take a look at the top 100 list of Steem witnesses and take action!

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When did you last take a look at the list of the top 100 Steem witnesses? Or if you want to see an even bigger list, when did you last check out the list of the top 300 Steem witnesses created by @justyy? Or the top 100 list from @symbionts?

I wasn't really aware of this myself before I became a witness, but there are just lots and lots of people who voted for some witnesses several years ago, who haven't done a thing or thought about voting for witnesses since then. That is why I wanting to bring this issue to their awareness as it is important and it would greatly help the platform. What do I mean?

steem witness top 100.jpg

Take a look at the list of the top 100 Steem witnesses!

If you take a look at the list, you will probably not think that anything is wrong at all... at first. What do I mean? The first 41 ranked witnesses are all active and they are running a witness with the correct version of Steem.

But, then suddenly things are getting messed up.

Of all the witnesses ranked between 42 and 100, you will only find 4 witnesses who are actively working for the growth of the platform.

There are some witnesses who still run their node, but it is out of date, and therefore, not considered to be an active witness.

To say it differently, 54 out of the 100 witnesses in the top 100 list are inactive and no longer running their witness on Steem. Isn't that quite sad? Many of those people in the top 100 list have more than 10,000,000 SP in total voting for them. That is also quite a lot.

What is the task of a Steem witness?

The official definition of a Steem witness is:

"A Steem Witness is a person who operates a witness server (which produces blocks), and publishes a price feed of STEEM/USD to the network. Witnesses' computers in the Steem network have a job that is to make 'blocks' and add them to the blockchain and also to store the complete blockchain data. These blocks contain information about posts, comments, votes, and currency transfers."

Yes, that is so - but, I do believe that the task of a Steem witness is to be present at the platform, to be involved in the life of the platform, to know what is going on, and to work hard to see it grow. Some of the witnesses are awesome programmers who develop tools for the platform, others create scripts and help for people who want to run a witness, and then you have people who work just in the midst of the crowd on Steemit... just like @xpilar who runs one of the best communities on Steemit (World of XPILAR). There are also lots of witnesses active in the different Asian communities on Steemit, and you also have a fast-growing Italian community that also is responsible for several great witnesses.

Why am I a witness?

Of course, I operate a witness server that produces blocks and so. But personally, I want to be a witness that is active in the different communities, and especially, in the English-speaking communities. A large portion of the big accounts on Steemit are all exchange accounts or what seems to accounts connected to South Korea (I am not that good with languages, but I believe it to be South Korean). I am going to write an article in not so long about the 100 largest Steemit accounts as well, but I do believe we need witnesses who are active and working hard to see the growth of the English language communities on Steemit as well.

So, I guess that is kind of me... trying to be happy and to write interesting article from a personal perspective on the platform!

click arrow.jpg
Click the arrow next to the witness to vote for them... and make sure to vote for active witnesses only.

What to do now?

You don't have to vote for me... but, I do suggest that you go to one of the links below and make sure to vote for active witnesses on the platform and let us see that the top 100 list of witnesses becomes a list of actual and real witnesses really actively working for the growth and the best of the platform!

I am ranked quite far down on the list, so you will have to scroll quite a lot to find me. I would also suggest voting for other active witnesses far down on the list to help them get past all those inactive witnesses!

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This post has been featured in the latest edition of Witness Weekly...

Thanks a lot for featuring it! I always enjoy reading those posts of yours, so no wonder you are one of the authors that I truly support with an automatic upvote because you really deserve it! Once again, thanks for featuring the post, and thanks for dropping by!

That's great, thank you.

I voted 4 you @unbiasedwriter
how much higher do you need to move and how many more votes would you need.
Or is it OK being where you are in the list?


Mensualmente estoy actualizando el listado de votación de testigos para el proxy @comunidadlatina, por lo general nos dedicamos a mirar en el Top20, pero siempre tenemos la duda de quien es la persona que ejecuta el nodo; cuando un usuario entra a Steemit se le recomienda hacer un post de presentación con su fotografía explicando donde vive y a que se dedica, pero es siempre difícil encontrar esa información de la mayoría de los testigos, es la inquietud del usuario que busca brindar apoyo con su voto sin saber quien es la persona que está detrás de un nodo.

Sería una buena idea que los testigos en búsqueda de votos realicen también una presentación sobre su persona como usuario y cuales son los proyectos que piensa ejecutar en beneficio de la Steem Blockchain.
On a monthly basis I am updating the witness voting list for the @comunidadlatina proxy, we usually look at the Top20, but we always have the doubt of who is the person who runs the node; When a user enters Steemit, they are recommended to make a presentation post with their photograph explaining where they live and where they are dedicated, but it is always difficult to find that information from most of the witnesses, it is the user's concern that seeks to provide support with their I vote without knowing who is the person behind a node.

It would be a good idea for the witnesses in search of votes to also make a presentation about their person as a user and what are the projects that they plan to execute for the benefit of the Steem Blockchain.