[Phishing alert] - Don't follow links claiming to give free Steem to users joining the LeoFinance community on Steemit!

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So today I suddenly noticed comments on several posts on Steemit claiming that LeoFinance is live on Steemit and you can claim your rewards (reaching as much as 800 Steem) depending on your current reputation on the platform. The comment looked like this.

leofinance rewards.jpg

There are so many red lamps screaming around this comment, meaning that I could immediately spot that this is junk and a phishing attempt (people will make you give away your Steemit keys in order to steal your tokens instead of giving you tokens). You should never fall for such attempts. But still, I noticed this comment as it was written by @iren007, but based on what I can see, this is a really nice and decent Steemian, so I have a feeling that his/her account has been compromised and that is how the hackers have used her account to spread comments to all sorts of posts.

How can I know that this is a phishing attempt?

  • Nobody would ever give away these amounts of Steem tokens... never ever!
  • Check the link on the click here to sign up text... it points in the direction of a completely different site.
  • LeoFinance is a Hive community, they left Steemit. They will not come around anytime soon.
  • If such a reward was true, then you wouldn't read about it in a comment, but in an official post from the actual community. But once again, nobody with a brain at work would ever give away such amounts of Steem, so forget about it!

Once again - never click such phishing links! Stay safe! And remove authorization to third-party apps, not in use!

In other words, stay safe. Never click such phishing links, and never give away the keys to your Steemit account. And also very important, check your account and see if you have given authority to any apps that are no longer in use or are compromised.

To check this, visit the fantastic tool from @steemchiller at www.steemworld.org/@yourusername. There you can click "Account Details" and then you select "Authorities." Here you can see if you have given apps the authority to post, vote, and more with your account. Whatever app you have authorized to do something on your behalf that you do not use anymore, that is outdated, and that you do no trust, remove it at once! If not, your account might be the next one to spread spam, to upvote spam, and maybe even worse things can happen.

check authorities.jpg

Take care everyone, and if you have further comments, thoughts, or feedback, please use the comment field below! I would also recommend that you retweet this to help other people who are new on the platform who might not know about the dangers of such phishing attempts!


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Thank you very much for the information, I just received a comment like the one attached here in a recent post! Is there a possibility to delete the comment? It may happen that some user when seeing my post accidentally clicks on the link !. grateful in advance.

It isn't much you can do about it, except for downvoting it!