Another Chinese farmer given massive 1 million delegation from Justin Sun

in steem •  3 years ago  (edited)

First Justyy, now Bullionstackers.

If you are not familiar with him, he used to upvote his comments with 20+ accounts while going around flagging others for organic votes.

He now has 1M SP delegation from MisterDelegation and has already started to downvote legitimate users with it and upvote spammers.

Justin continues to show extreme favoritism to Chinese and Korean users.

Did you know Justin has offered to pay witnesses $2,500 USD/month + server expenses to run 22.5 and push through any hard fork without question?

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Fucking hell, good news for our favorite Israeli extremist then who is already being delegated some from BS. Is this the push I need to stop posting anything on STEEM?


Definitely time to leave before the ship totally sinks. First power down converted to Hive today.

Allrighty, thanks @themarkymark for making the decision a little easier.

I had planned to wait a week to let the posts "untangle" to where Steem is Steem and Hive is Hive... and then post UNIQUE content (no milking or crossposting) to both chains for a couple of weeks, just to check the lay of the land. Figured I'd most likely prove to myself good reasons to migrate 100% to Hive.

But this pretty much speaks for itself. Very sad...


Sad and disgusting. There is no justification for this. I really don't understand how he is rationalizing this behavior which is just self destructive. Perhaps he hopes to do one major pump and dump and hit the road once we are all powered down and 100% on hive?

Oh my god