Steemit Update [ July 26th, 2022 ] : New Country Representatives

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Thank you to everyone who took the time to apply to become a Country Representative.

We were overwhelmed by a large number of applications - more than 120 in total.

All the applications have been read, reviewed, and assessed and we are now able to announce the people selected to be Representatives. Many are existing Country Reps - others are new.

The Selected Country Representatives

Out of over 120 applications, here are the 45 people selected to become Country Representatives…















Congratulations to everyone who has been selected, or re-selected, as Country Reps.

Please would you all confirm your acceptance of the post in a comment below? If you are new to the role please include your contact details (Discord and/or Telegram).

Rewards for Country Representatives

All Country Representatives are given a delegation of 5000 SP. For new CRs this will be sent over in the next few days.

We encourage CRs to use this to support Steemians in their country.

Country Reps are also invited to make one report per week about their activities as CRs. They should include details of contests, meetings, or other activities they have organized in the week to support Steemians in their country. The report should also cover any issues in their country, and any ideas or plans they have for promoting Steem.

The report should not include a list of posts you have voted on, nor graphs of votes cast.

Please do not make additional monthly reports. If you are a Greeter in the Newcomers Community as well, please include that as a section in your weekly report, not as a separate post.

The weekly posts should be made in the Steem POD community. They will be voted on by @steemcurator01, with an additional allowance for the Greeter role.

For Country Reps involved in running their country community, there will be some additional voting support for administration, moderation, and curation activities.

We strongly advise all Country Reps to get actively involved in their Country Community if they are not already.

Improving Your Chances to become a Country Representative

As with the Booming Communities, there were a range of reasons why people were not selected including…

  • Not being active. Keep posting, keep commenting, keep voting !

  • Not using all your voting power every day.

  • Delegating much of your Steem Power to community accounts of countries other than your own.

  • Concentrating too much of your voting power on one individual account.

  • Holding a large amount of liquid STEEM or SBD rather than powering up.

  • Voting on strange accounts that are not real people. Vote for real people making real posts !

  • Being regularly active on other similar platforms.

This time we have selected 45 Country Representatives. Our target was 50 - so we have five more CR positions to fill.

We will be closely monitoring for improvements a number of people who applied this time but didn’t quite make it.

Also, If anyone missed the deadline and thinks they would make a good Country Rep you are welcome to make a speculative application.

We will be interested to hear from people doing #club75 or #club100, who are at least Dolphins and have a reputation of 65 or more. Of course, you should be strictly following all the guidelines above.

You can be from any country and apply in any language. Make sure you include the tag #countryreps2022 and your country tag in the first four tags.

There is no closing date for applications at present. Just keep following @steemitblog for updates.

Congratulations again to those selected as Country Representatives.

We hope you enjoy time as Country Reps and do your best to help Steem prosper in your country.

Thank you

The Steemit Team

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@anroja and @radjasalman for being re-choice as Country Representatives for Indonesia

@alee75 @irawandedy @fantvwiki @klen.civil @harferri @waterjoe
As the new Country Representative of Indonesia

Congratulations also to all the best steemians who have been elected as Country Representatives in their respective countries
I accept the role of Indonesia's country representative, thank you
Contact details
Discord : heriadi#1116

Hello Buddy
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Felicidades amigo, te lo mereces por u gran trabajo.

Thank you my friend

Congratulations 👏 to you Mr @heriadi I'm so happy for you. It's well deserved!

Thank you for entrusting me as one of CR Indonesia

Discord : klen.civil1458
Telegram : klencivil

Thank you so much @steemitblog for appointing me as one of the Country Representatives In Nigeria.

I will be delighted to take on this new role and the responsibility.

And I've agreed to follow all the guidelines stated in the post.

Below are my Contact details:

Discord: ubongudofot#9499

Felicidades Ubo👏 mis mejores deseos para ti en esta nueva etapa.

Hi Vivi...., thank you very much.

Congrats bro

Thank you so much Sir, Congratulations to you too.

Congratulations bro! It's well deserved

Congratulations to the selected Country Reps and fellow Indonesian Country Reps.

Thank you for trusting the Steemit Team. Let's work for Steem.

Congratulations 👏🎉 I'm so happy for you my friend!

Discord : waterjoe#3535
Telegram :

Congratulations to all the selected CR and thank you for choosing me to be one of the CR of Indonesia :)

Congratulations to the selected Indonesian CR @alee75 @anroja @fanvwiki @harferri @heriadi @irawandedy @klen.civil @radjasalman

I'm @waterjoe ready to accept responsibility and work as Indonesia's new CR

Selamat untuk Country Reps yang telah terpilih atau terpilih kembali, selamat juga untuk Country Reps Indonesia @radjasalman @heriadi @alee75 @fantvwiki @harferri @waterjoe @irawandedy dan @klen.civil

Saya @anroja menerima dengan senang hati tanggung jawab sebagai Country Rep Indonesia

  ·  2 months ago (edited)

This news is like a dream come true for me. Thankyou so much Steemit team for believing on me and providing me this opportunity . I monz122 accept my role as Country Representative of India .
My Discord ID
Telegram : Monika Pandey


I hereby confirm my role as Country Representative for Cameroon and as well thanking steemit team for re appointing me to continue my role as CR for cameroon..... Indeed this appointed comes with great joy as i pledge to carry on all roles of a country representative..

Congrats to all newly appointed country rep all over and to my own very own newly appointed country reps from cameroon (@chant and @chiabertrand)

Together we grow steemit in Cameroon.

Congratulations to those who have been appointed as CR from different countries. Especially from my country @msharif brother .❤️

Thanks honorable Steemit Team for selecting me as a CR of Bangladesh 🇧🇩.

Discord: ripon0630#4573


Thank you so much, brother. I hope together we will grow steemit in Bangladesh.

Very good

Congratulations to all the selected country representatives from all the countries. Especially my brothers and sisters from India (@deepak94, @jyoti-thelight, @monz122).

I @cryptogecko accept my responsibilities as a country representative of India.

Discord: cryptogecko#3308

Congratulations mere bhai .

Congratulations to you too!

Congratulations! and thank you verymuch

I @msharif accept my responsibilities as a country representative of Bangladesh.

Thank you so much for giving me such a great opportunity. I will try to properly fulfill the duties assigned to me as a Bangladeshi country representative.

Discord : msharif#5177
Telegram :

Congratulation my dear brother ❤️❤️❤️🙏.

I accepted the role as Indonesia Country Representative. Discord : irawandedy#9048

Thank you for the support and trust, hopefully this will be a new start for me and the growth of steem

Congratulations 👏🎉 Mr @irawandedy! It's well deserved

Congratulations to all the other CRs selected. A very big congratulations to my fellow country representatives, @haidermehdi, @event-horizon and @suboohi.

I am glad to accept the responsibility of being a Country Representative of Pakistan

Thank you. Congratulations to you as well.

Thanks dear and congratulations to you

Congratulations on getting this spot

  ·  2 months ago (edited)

Congratulations to all selected Country Reps. I @alee75 gladly accept responsibility as Country Rep. Indonesia.
My Discord : alee75#9065

Congratulations 👏🎉 Mr @alee75!

Thank You....

Thank you for choosing me as one of the CR for Indonesia.



Thank you Steemit Team for entrusting me with this responsibility.

I accept the role of Country Representative Pakistan.

Discord: event-horizon#5635

Congratulations to all newly selected and re-selected CRs. (:


Thank you. Congratulations to you as well.

Congratulations to you on getting this spot

Thank you.

Congratulations 👏🎉 to you! I'm glad you made it!!

Woow this is just amazing and I am so delighted for this great news. Thank you so so much steemit team for appointing me as a country representative for CAMEROON. This is a great appointment to me and for the the trust giving to me, I promise to work hard in full filling my role and duties as a CR representative for my beloved nation Cameroon.

I also congratulate my fellow country comrades @saxopedia and @chant and all other selected CR. Together, I believe we will make steem Cameroon a more better place

I @chiabertrand, confirm my role as Country Representative for CAMEROON

My discord : chiabertrand#3709


I know you will make it! Congratulations to you!!!

Thank you so much my dear friend for the congratulations.. I once more also Congratulate you for this selection

Thank you for the electing me as representative for SA. Congratulations to all the other 44 Steemians!
I must admit, I am a bit scared of this big role BUT, I am willing to give it a go. Plenty has promised to guide me. (•ิ‿•ิ)

Telegram: @patjewell2

Congratulations to you my lovely friend!!!

Oh wow!! You are online!
Thank you my friend but the biggest congratulations goes to you and our new baby girl. Wishing you two a beautiful day.

thank you 🤗

It is a pleasure to appear on the list of representatives, with much love I accept the commitment to continue as Representative of my country Venezuela, thanks for the opportunity granted and congratulations to all those chosen. Greetings and blessings 🙏

Thank you @steemitblog for this great opportunity to represent my country Nigeria. I accept this responsibility given to me.

Congratulations to all the selected country Reps.

Discord: Reminiscence#0353


Congratulations bro!

Thank you dear. Big congratulations to you too on your well-deserved appointment.

Thank you so much Steemit team for giving this opportunity as Country Representative for the Philippines.

Discord: @juichi#9110
Telegram: @juichijp


Thank you friend.

Congratulations 🎉👏 my friend!!!

Thank you friend, congrats as well...👏

Your welcome 🤗 and thanks too

It's an honor to make this list. I appreciate the Steemit team for their trust in the newly assigned set of CRs. Congratulations to everyone that made the list and especially my fellow Nigeria CRs, @goodybest, @focusnow, @ngoenyi, @reminiscence01, and @ubongudofot.

I hereby accept the new role as a Country Representative from Nigeria.

Discord ID- fredquantum#3622
Telegram- @fredquantum1

Thank you.


Congrats boss, Its really well deserved. Keep on doing more. A warm big welcome to you

Thanks boss and congratulations 👏🎉 to you too!

🇮🇳 Namaste Steemit 🇮🇳

Many many congratulations to all the CR of different countries and congrats to my Indian family members @cryptogecko,@monz122,@jyoti-thelight.

I m @deepak94 accept the responsibility as country representative of India 🇮🇳.

My Discord Id- deepak94#7616

Telegram link-

Proud to be Indian🇮🇳.

We all CR will work together for steem growth.

Congratulations! and thank you very much

Congratulations to the newly elected CR and to those who have been re-elected.

Thank you very much for trusting me again, for me it is a joy to be able to continue supporting, and accept this role again, I will continue to strive to give my best every day 😊

Contact details
Discord: inspiracion#0799

Greetings and blessings to all.


Thank you so much 😊

Congratulations to you

Thank you so much, my friend 😊

Congratulations 👏🎉 to you!! It's well deserved

Congratulations to all the elected representatives of the country, may the spirit and responsibly accept this task. I @ fantvwiki thank you for the trust given, and are ready to accept this trust.

Discord : fantvwiki#0656

Congratulations! I'm glad you made it!!

Thank you, congratulations also to you and greetings to your little angel.

Sure 😃 thanks too!

I, @chant accept the responsibility as country representative for Cameroon. Congratulations to all selected CRs .

My Discord: chant#9602
Telegram: @Mchant

Congratulations to you guys

Thank you 🙏🏽 .

Congratulations dear!

Thank you and congratulations to you too.

Thank you 🎉🎉🎉🎉
I am overwhelmed with joy to hear and see this news. I could not believe it, but realised later that it wasn't a dream. Congratulations to all Country Reps across the world. A big Thank you to God and the Steemit Team.

I, @juzkid, accept this responsibility as Country Representative for Ghana. I am grateful.

My Discord Id - juzkid#2934
Telegram : @juzkid

Thank You Steemit
Thank you Ghana 🇬🇭

Congratulations friend

Thank you and congratulations to you as well

Hello there @steemitblog and to all Steemit Team, I hereby confirm to accept the role as Country Representative for the Philippines 🇵🇭, it is my pleasure to help my fellow Filipino Steemians and encourage them. This opportunity is indeed a great way to encourage my countrymen.

Once again, thank you very much and God Bless us all!!!

Telegram: @loloy2021

Congratulations also to my co-admin at Steemit Philippines who were chosen as CR, @juichi.

To God be all the Glory! 😇

Maraming salamat bro. Congrats sa ating dalawa!

Thank you so much steemit team for giving me this opportunity. I'm here to confirm my position as CR of Pakistan.

I'm new as CR this is my contact

Discord id : suboohi #9678


Thanks dear and congratulations to you as well

Congratulations to you. You truly deserve this spot

Thank you very much for supporting me always 👍

Congratulations to you

Thanks and congratulations to you as well

I'm simply Overwhelmed! Thank you so much for entrusting me with the role.

My Discord: goodybest#9285
My Telegram:

Congratulations to all the selected CRs

Congratulations to you guys

Thank you!

First of all, congratulations to all friends who were selected as CR. We will always continue to work for the best.

I am really happy that my application as a country representative has been accepted.

I accept the role of Turkey's country representative and I would like to thank the entire steemit team for giving us this opportunity.

Contact details
Discord : ahmt#3722
Telegram: habercitr

It is a pleasure to accept this place again and to be part of the growth of Steemit as a platform.

I will continue working as a Representative of Colombia, as Administrator and founder of my beloved Colombia-Original.

Thanks for the new opportunity. discord : nahela#9211

Congratulations for all :D

Congratulations to you guys

Congratulations my friend @heriadi

Congratulations 👏🎉

I am grateful for this new opportunity to continue being part of this wonderful team of CR's and I reiterate that I accept my role assigned as CR for Venezuela

Thanks a lot

Discord: tocho2#8353

Hi dear,
How are you? Congratulations to you on being choice as Venezuela Country Representative

Thanks @heriadi friend..!

Congratulations 👏🎉

Hello @goodybest, thanks a lot

You're welcome 🤗

  ·  2 months ago (edited)

Wow, wow, thank you so much! Thank you for entrusting me as one of CR Ukraine!


Congratulations winners 🎉👏


Congratulations to you guys

Happy and grateful to be able to continue my stage as an active part of the steemit representative team for Venezuela, it is an honor to be considered again and accept this new challenge

Best regards 🇻🇪 👍🏼

@steemitblog, gracias por la confianza y el apoyo brindado, seguimos adelante con mas animos y energías.

Confirmo mi aceptación de esta publicación como representante de pais.

Thank you for retaining me as a CR of Pakistan. I have always tried my best to fulfil my responsibilities in the best manner possible and i will continue doing that :)

I congratulate all other users and welcome the 3 New CRs of Pakistan to the Country Representative Club :)

Welcome @Event-horizon, @Huzaifanaveed1, and @Suboohi. Looking forward to working with you all :)

My discord: Haidermehdi#0457
MY Telegram: @haidermehdii


I am very grateful for the opportunity to continue in the role of CR Argentina.
I congratulate all the new and re-elected RC, we will make Steemit grow in the world.
I leave you my contacts
Telegram: @graceleon87
Discord: @graceleon#2348

Total success in this new stage

Congratulations 🌹🌹🌹

@steemitblog. Thank you so much for returning me to the position of CR. As usual, I will work very hard in this position to facilitate to facilitate the growth of Steem in Nigeria. Congrats too to @ngoenyi, @fredquantum, @reminiscense01 and all the new Nigerian CRs. Welcome onboard

Congratulations to you too. I am glad to see you return. Let's keep doing our best

It's a great pleasure to see you return, boss. You have worked hard for it. I wish you a successful tenure ahead.

Muchas gracias al equipo de Steemit por esta actualización. Y gracias por darme esta oportunidad. Mi compromiso es hacerlo cada día mejor.

A todos los nombrados representante de país felicidades y especialmente a los representantes de mi país que han hecho un gran trabajo: @adeljose, @albenis, @edlili24, @inspiracion, @miyexi, @tocho2 y @wilmer1988. Nesecito de la ayuda de cada uno de ustedes y que juntos podamos hacer un gran equipo.

Para tí @anasuleidy espero verte de regreso pronto como CR, se que estás pasando por una situación difícil, pero Dios tiene el control de todas las cosas.

@rypo01 eres genial, espero que seas persistente y verte pronto de regreso, has hecho un gran trabajo.

Acepto esta nueva responsabilidad:

Mi discord: pelon53#3880
Mi telegram:

Felicidades y bienvenido, cuenta con todo nuestro apoyo.

Felicidades amigo, muy merecido su nombramiento 🤗🎉 y estoy segura que harás un excelente trabajo.

Saludos y bendiciones.

Felicitaciones Sr. @pelon53 se que será un excelente CR... Muchas gracias por su apreciación referente a mi trabajo... Un fuerte abrazo y el mejor de los éxitos hoy y siempre... Bendiciones infinitas.

Amigo felicidades por tu logro y gracias por tus palabras... Amen!!

Bienvenido amigo estamos para servirle saludos y bendiciones 🙏

@pelon53, seguro lo haras muy bien eres un hombre de compromiso y lo has demostrado durante tu trayectoria en la plataforma.

Estamos a la orden para lo que necesites.

Amigo @pelon53, felicidades y reciba la más cordial bienvenida...!

Recibe un cordial recibimiento de mi parte amigo @pelon53, sin dudas un gran refuerzo para nuestro gran equipo

Congratulations 👏🎉 you truly deserve it

Gracias amiga port us palabras. Igalmente te deseo mucho éxito como representante de tu país y felicidades.

Tú has demonstrado que puedes hacerlo muy bien. Saludos

Thanks for your good wishes! I appreciate

Me siento agradecido por la oportunidad que me brindan de seguir representando a mi país, junto a mis demás compañeros.

Felicito a todos los seleccionados, especialmente a @pelon53 por unirse a nosotros para cumplir éste papel de CR.

Seguiré cumpliendo éste rol con mucha responsabilidad y compromiso.

Éxitos para todos,

Reitero mi agradecimiento al equipo Steemit

Gracias amigo @adeljose. Saludos

  ·  2 months ago (edited)

Muchas gracias al equipo de Steemit @steemitblog por la confianza y por esta nueva oportunidad para seguir en mi rol como Cr de Venezuela, sigo comprometida y espero seguir trabajando por la comunidad.

Felicidades a los demás compañeros seleccionados y especialmente a @pelon53, por unirse a este gran equipo de trabajo.

Saludos y bendiciones ❤️

Discord: miyexi#0363

Gracias amiga y hermana, bendiciones

Congratulations to all the winners for the country representative posts. Especially those from India @cryptogecko, @deepak94, @monz122.
I accept my role and my contact details are:
Discord : @jyoti-thelight#6650
Telegram :