STEEM & JUST Partnership and Resteem, Retweet Challenge!

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Dear Steemians,

Over the past few months, we have seen the continuous progress of Steem. For Steemit, we are getting increasingly more people enjoying and engaging in their favorite Steemit community, and especially the 1000 Days of Steem. We also launched a free signup system that is bringing more Steemians to access Steemit more easily. We maintain product stability and continue improve overall user experience.


Today, Steem would like to announce amazing news for our community: Steem and JUST have reached a strategic partnership in building a better and even more awesome blockchain platform. Steem/Steemit has been exploring DeFi Ecosystem for a long time and with the help of the JUST Project, we are really making progress in the DeFi sphere today. We will work together, explore and witness the endless potential of Steem.

We will start a resteem and retweet challenge soon, keep following @steemitblog and Steemit Twitter for the latest update. Follow @just-defi on steemit for the latest news about JUST Ecosystem.

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About JUST

JUST aims to build a fair and decentralized financial ecosystem that provides stable coin lending and governance mechanisms for users around the world. All transactions, collateralization, and governance are transparent and executed on-chain. JUST is built on the TRON Network, the largest decentralized application ecosystem, and aims to provide a set of easy-to-use and transparent financial services for users worldwide.

Any user can mint USDJ automatically via JUST’s ecosystem of smart contracts by locking their TRX in collateralized debt positions (CDP) in the form of pooled TRX (PTRX). To mitigate against price fluctuation risks, over-collateralization of PTRX is required. The over-collateralization ratio is currently set at 150% and can be changed by a vote of the community. If the value of the collateral falls below the predetermined liquidation ratio, the collateral is sold to pay off the debt, and an additional liquidation penalty (currently 13%) is charged.

JST is the governance token for the JUST network. By participating and voting in community proposals, JST holders have decision-making power over the JUST lending platform and can control the operations of the JUST network. In addition, JST can be used to pay interest on a CDP, in which case the paid JST will be burnt automatically by the smart contract.

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This is actually huge news as defi is just hot and trending. Very curious about what extend the partnership is.

Will we be able to use STEEM or SBD as collateral on the Create a CDP with STEEM instead of TRX? Can we swap our STEEM tokens to JST/TRX? Will the USDJ replace SBD as a stable coin?

Many questions and we can not wait to be involved in this!

Congratulations on the Partnership, this is great and I am suddenly even more bullish! #tron & #steemnetwork building a better digital financial future for all of us!

👆I have these same questions!🙄
If we could create wrapped Steem or wSteem and borrow against its value we could increase buying pressure and reduce selling of wrapped Steem due to contract length and this could raise the price, which raises the market cap, raises our Coin Market Cap ranking and which in turn raises investor interest, which starts this cycle again slowly pushing the price and ranking upward! 🚀

Very interesting! I obviously like the way you think!


Great news! I have retweet and tweet and like the tweet about this tweet post on twitter.
This partnership sounds exciting especially its about Defi that everyone talking about now on crypto. Defi is the future, cancel the bank. 😄

I agree with this🙄👆!

I have translated this post into Spanish

Thanks you Steemit Team.

I love it!

Steem keeps bringing in amazing innovations, and partnerships like this which helps to improve the decentralised financial mechanisms for users all over the world is just fantastic!!

This sound great..!

Hey @steemitblog & @steemcurator01 ,

This is really an great news so translated this news into Hindi for Indian community:- STEEM & JUST partnership and resteem, retweet challenge!- Hindi translation

This is such a great news,very exciting, steem all the way👻👻

This is really great news, the Steem & Just Defi partnership. We are looking forward to create a formidable and stabilize Decentralization that would help content creators. We will also help in the resteem & resteem and retweet. Thanks for this great news, Steemit Team!

I agree that this would be great for our community. Good publicity for Tron & Steem, plus affordable DeFi readily accessible to a large group.

@steemitblog Great News 👌

This is very good news, we just have to keep working to make this merger a real boost for Steem, you can count on my support.

¡Interesante e importante! Dios los bendiga en gran maera

Great news!

Can you please share more information about the nature of the partnership?

Thank you,

Great news!

It's such a great news the future of Steem is too great . Resteemed it

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It's a great news ,

Already tweeted Retweet link

Hello @steemitblog

This is great news!
I would love to help promote this partnership. I have written many articles on the Just platform, and Decentralized Finance in my Community on Steemit called decentralize-finance.
I would love to contribute posts for @just-defi account and I would also be willing to create a new Community on Steemit devoted to Just Platform.

Here is my resume:
Steemit member > 3 years
Posts set on 100% Power Up
I am not promoting any other blockchain platform
I am actively promoting Steem Daily Diary Program by creating Steem Country Specific Curation Accounts which follows the upvotes of the Steemit selected Country Representatives.
I founded ten communities on Steemit, which I support with upvotes, two of those communities 1) Banking and Finance, 2) decentralized-finance are specifically related to decentralized finance with over 500 subscribers in the first community and over 100 subscribers in the second.

This is Great News. My retweet Link

Sounds interesting.
How is there steem integrated or could be integrated?
Resteemed :-)

It's a very good news . I Hope to see the price of #Steem to the moon
Retweet link

its Done Twitter

Me parece de gran importancia crear alianzas que permitan fortalezcan la plataforma steemit hacia un futuro prometedor..

Buenas noticias....

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We will give you support and resteem @steemitblog. Great news.

STEEM & JUST PARTNERSHIP is awesome news!

@steemitblog, We'll wait for more news. Super partnership! Congrats.

This is Very exciting. I am eagerly waiting for more announcements on this partnership.

That sounds really interesting..

It's a very good news....

I shared on Twitter. This is very good news. I think even if each of our users is a little from their own position, we need to promote this platform. Then one day we will all be able to reach a much better stage. I want everyone to be a part of everyday life on this platform.

Saludos Comunidad. Ambicioso e interesante proyecto.

this is good news .. hopefully more progress.

That's great news ,

Already tweeted

This is very good information. Many thanks @steemitblog. I will wait for more new information.
Thank you❤️

Me parece una excelente noticia para seguír construyendo un mejor futuro en las criptomonedas para el mundo! Gracias por la información estaré pendiente de su otra publicación

This partnership is really very important for our platform. It is very good news for every steemit user and who like steemit.

Ini kabar yang membahagiakan.
Saya juga melihat prospek pertumbuhan steemit semakin baik dan banyak orang berdatangan kembali meramaikan steem.
Harga steem pun dari hari ke hari telah menunjukan peningkatan....jujur membuat saya semakin semangat mempromosikan steem kepada teman-teman terdekat aaya dengan antusias tinggi.
Terima kasih tim steemit
I love❤steem

Good project,make steem best again

This is a great partnership. I will stay with Steemit even though APPICS will have another blockchain soon as I will support Steemit-APPICS cross-posting. I hope the platform can make a verified account as collateral to the DeFi that this program aims. I have tried to check on some Lending programs on the blockchain but usually the collateral is triple more than the amount that is being granted to the borrower. And this was over a year ago when the lending programs were just being introduced. More power!

Nice work @steemit

I'm highly impressed with your achievements (whoever is behind @steemblog).

great job so far,
Yours, Piotr

Excellent news, we expect great results from the partnership!

How is this going to work with steem? Can we get some more details?

Hi @steemitblog
This is great news!
I look forward to when hundreds of Steemians can invest and earn on Just!
This is so exciting! It should bring more positive publicity to Tron and Stem raising the price of both and hopefully our Coin Market Cap ranking. I would love to see our ranking get high enough to get institutional investors and brokers recommending us to their clients! That would be great!
I think these are great steps towards. Positive future!

I have been waiting to hear news about Tron and Steem working together. My hope is that one day I'll be able to trade either one. As a US citizen, I'm limited because my state does not welcome crypto. Poloniex does not work yet. I tried other services but none to success.

To help get started, I already sent aretweet

You guys should do a press release about this... defi is big right now. Strike while the iron is hot.

Very happy by hearing this news and yes retweeted it.

Retweet done

That’s really an great news.

As soon I saw this I tweeted about it


Tweet link :- link to tweet

I also replied on that tweet,

Also makes sure that I have retweet’s this new as I think this is really an milestone for steem.

I am really bullish on this

Great idea!