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As we have already mentioned we will not be running the full Communities of the Month Support Program in December.

However we will continue with the @booming support for communities.

For December, 44 communities have been selected to receive daily votes from the @booming accounts.

Booming Support Communities

As before the @booming support will be available at two levels.

Tier 1 communities will receive 5 votes per day from the @booming accounts, and Tier 2 communities will receive 3 votes per day.


The Tier 1 communities for December are…

  • Business Activity
  • Colombia-Original
  • Comunidad Latina
  • Crypto.Kids
  • Draft Crearte
  • Italy
  • PromoSteem
  • Recreative Steem
  • Scouts
  • Stars of Steem
  • Steem Alive
  • Steem Bangladesh
  • Steem-BRU
  • Steem Cameroon
  • Steem Entrepreneurs
  • Steem for Better Life
  • SteemFoods
  • Steem Ghana
  • Steem Infinity Zone
  • SteemKids
  • Steem SEA
  • Steem Skillshare
  • Steem Sports
  • Steem-Travelers
  • Steem Venezuela
  • Steem Women Club
  • Steemit-Garden
  • Steemit Iron Chef
  • Steemit Pakistan
  • Steemit Philippines
  • Steemit-Türkiye
  • Visual Art
  • World of Xpilar
  • Writing & Reviews

The Tier 2 communities for December are…

  • Best of India
  • CampusConnect
  • Steem Baseball
  • Steem Family
  • Steem Japan
  • Steem Sri Lanka
  • Steemit Azerbaijan
  • Urdu Community
  • Venezolanos Steem
  • World of Football

We encourage community leaders, as far as possible, to select posts for @booming support that are #steemexclusive and participating in #club5050, #club75, or #club100.

Posts of people who are powering down should not be selected for @booming support.

If we find any communities are breaching the guidelines we may reduce or withdraw the support from the @booming accounts before the end of the month.

Please would a representative from any communities newly selected for @booming support leave their Telegram / Discord contact details in a comment below.

We will be reviewing our community support programs over the coming weeks to consider how we take them forward in the new year.

In the meantime, look out for another important announcement on @steemitblog in the next few days.

Thank you

The Steemit Team

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Hallo Steemit Team

We will be reviewing our community support programs over the coming weeks to consider how we take them forward in the new year.

Please STOP the #club5050, #club75, or #club100
please stop upvoting for power up
this makes the steem unattractive for many users.
you know the reasons for yourself!

since my first day (4 years) on Steem I have been powering everything up! but I am not using this club-tag

i am happy and I am looking forward to what you will have in it with new ideas

best regards @atego

Hello! Thanks for the support. My nickname in telegram: @bulochka_andreevna

Thanks for support Steem For Betterlife Community

Discord : irawandedy#9048

No issues our community is still In :)

Thanks for supporting SteemAlive @steemitblog. Here are my details:
Discord: focusnow#1571
Telegram: @focusn0w

  ·  2 months ago (edited)

Terima kasih tim Steemit yang kembali memilih Steem SEA untuk mendapatkan dukungan booming. Selama sebulan terakhir ini kami konsisten hanya mengajukan postingan terbaik yang #steemexclusive dan berpartisipasi di #club5050, #club75 dan #club100. Kami hanya memilih mereka yang konsisten mendukung program tersebut.

Telegram id: @anroja

Congratulations to all selected communities..

Aren't it the same communities as before!!!
Small work🙄

girolamomarotta Italy Breaching Guideline

and should not be supported by Steemit @steemitblog @steemcurator01 @steemcurator02 @booming


girolamomarotta's personal account is investing in tipu which is a bid-bot service and he is buying votes for his own profit.


This account is all about CASHING OUT!

If you allow this behavior and support girolamomarotta and Italy, all the other communities can do the same thing and this does not help Steemit as communities.
There are other communities that are doing the right thing and deserve Booming support.
@cryptokraze @sapwood @anroja @harferri @papi.mati @yousafharoonkhan @tanhunter254 @alejos7ven @nahela

Thank You @steemitblog team for selecting Steem Infinity Zone in Booming Support Tier-1

Founder of Community @cryptokraze

My contact details are shared below;

Discord : CryptoKraze#2451
Telegram :

keep the spirit to do Power Ups so that they can be equally successful in working on Steemit. Because Power Up is one way that we can do to become a successful Steemian in the future. Good luck

Thankyou so much.
We would continue promoting clubs and select the best posts among them for booming.

Telegram id: @haidermehdii

Great thank you for Steemit Team selected Steem Entrepreneurs Community for Booming support - Tier 1 ..

Pioneer of community @harferri

Discord : Harferri#1455

Congratulations to all the selected communities, cheeers ..

Full support #club5050 #club75 #club100

Thanks for the support, we anticipate the major announcement.
Best regards

Thanks a lot to the @steemitblog for choosing Writing & Reviews!! This make our subscribers to be more encouraged with the entire Steemit community!!

My Discord contact is belenguerra#2925

Have a wonderful day!!

Hello @belenguerra...
I'm muted from the writing and reviews since a long time. I want to post my content there with new zeal. Kindly unmute me. Thanks.

You have been muted because you were caught plagiarizing content. So sorry for you but you will remain muted.


I know and I apologized for that. It was my first mistake. Everyone deserves a second chance.

Felicidades amiga, me alegra mucho ver que continué el apoyo a esta maravillosa y gran comunidad como lo es @writingnreviews, se lo merecen por el increíble e impecable trabajo que realizan, felicidades y mil bendiciones @belenguerra y @fendit.

Siii amigo! Estas son muy buenas noticias!!

Gracias por tus palabras! <3 <3 <3

Hola amiga quiero ser verificada en escritura y las reseñas. Yo ya realice todos los pasos para ser verificada

hello, thank you for this surprise development. It was a good development for the continuation of the activity. Thanks on behalf of steemit-turkiye and steem women club community 🎉💐🙋🏻‍♀️

Thanks Steem For Betterlife Community

Wow congratulations to steemalive and all other communities

Congratulations to the selected communities more wins

Thank you in the name of Steem Travelers!

My discord remains unchanged: papi.mati#3791

Thank you very much in name of all Steem Travelers community!

footer 1.gif

that's good you thought to give booming support this month also. It's the only way that a member can get some good votes for their creativity rightnow.

it is great that we are again selected for booming and we will only support #club5050 user ,
thank thank , urdu community love power up, only power up

my discord id : yousafharoonkhan #8913

Congratulations to all selected communities. Together we build. @juzkid

Hello, thank you for the support you have given Steem Sports. Congratulations to the selected communities for his great work.

This is more than news, this is real JOY! Thank you @steemiblog for this beautiful news, looking forward to that pleasant surprise in December. Telegram: @SampraiseVe

Colombia-Original is very happy to continue counting on the support of the auge accounts and the @steemitblog team.

Thankful to you.

My discord: nahela#9211

Congratulations to all the communities and thank you for the support provided to each one of them. Motivated to increase with the realization of Power Up. It is the incentive to grow.

Congratulations to all the communities that were approved to receive the support of booming. We continue working to strengthen the platform.

Thanks so much dear for the best reports of booming support of communities.

Thanks a lot for selecting Comunidad Latina

Telegram: @Alejos7ven

Thanks for support PromoSteem community.

My Discord : ponpase#2931

Thank you very much !!!

Thanks for supporting all these wonderful communities

Thank you so much. We will select people for Booming support with club5050 status and above.

Discord- sapwood#2079

Thank you @steemitblog for including Steemit Philippines on the list. We are always grateful for your support to our community!

What a surprise gift for all communities this Christmas season, thank you to all Steemit team for the unending support.

Thank you for the continuous support SteemitBlog Team. The entire Business Activity community is grateful.

Founder: @oscarcc89
Discord: oscarcc89#4887

Congratulation to all selected communities in December.

Congratulations 🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉 to all the selected communities!!? Congratulations to steemkids community, steemalive community, steemwomens club community, steemfoods community, promo-steem community and all the rest of the chosen communities. I appreciate you dear @steemitblog.

I am eagerly awaiting the big news in the coming days

Congratulations to all the selected Communities

Congratulations to all selected communities, and thank you @booming amd @steemitblog for supporting the communities specially @steemitphilippines. 😊😊

Thank u so much for this information,I promise to obey all the rules

Congratulation to all the selected communities. Thank you the Steemit Team in the name of World of Xpialr Community after applying every month we are very excited to be in Tier 1, also thank you for supporting Visual Art.

I appreciate the support provided, we continue to do our best to support those who are committed to the platform.

Muchas gracias por su apoyo y preferencia.
Comunidad #scouts.

Telegram @fjjrg

Congratulations to all the community Admins and MOD for the selection of their community
Stay tuned for more information

Thank You @steemitblog team.

Selamat kapada komunitas yang berhak mendapatkan dukungan dari booming, komunitas semuanya untuk membangkitkan semangat dalam berkarya tulisan atau gambar ..😊

Congrats 👏🎉 to all selected communities

  ·  2 months ago (edited)

Thank you so much Steemit Team for selecting Steem Japan Community.

Discord: juichi#9110

Thanks for the information

Congratulations to all the selected communities especially #steem-cameroon, #steemAlive, #steemwomensclub and #steemfoods
#twopercent #cameroon

It is good step for communities to make them strong.

@steemitblog and @steemcurator01, thank you for your trust. And I am very grateful for the transfer of our community to a higher level.

связаться в Telegram:

Congratulations !

If you need a moderator, don't hesitate to contact me. Would be very happy to be part of the team on Steemit Garden. Success for us, hope we can collaborate!!!

Thank you

Thank you for the continuous support @SteemitBlog Team. The entire Steemit-Garden community is grateful Tier1.
Join our Community Telegram group.
Here I am MOD my Discord:allahnawaz03#7360

Gracias por el soporte para la Comunidad Venezolanos Steem.

Estaremos atentos de las buenas nuevas!

Hello @steemitblog team.

I have read this post carefully.

The user @josertalaverag (good user, professional photographer and recently moderator of the Venezolanos Steem Community). He held contests in the Community and gave out prizes. That caused an imbalance in his wallet that if he does not receive votes he will not be able to make power-up.

My question: we can he ask for votes for any of his publications so that he can make power-up and enter the club5050?

We encourage community leaders, as far as possible, to select posts for @booming support that are #steemexclusive and participating in #club5050, #club75, or #club100.

Que gran noticia, en Cryto.Kids estamos muy agradecidos por el apoyo a la comunidad. Un mes más para recompensar a nuestros mejores autores. Gracias.

Congratulations All Member. Thanks for sharing @steemitblog

Hi @steemitblog
Thank you so much for selecting Steem Japan Community. Our booming this is still not updated. Please check?

Discord: juichi#9110

Dear @steemitblog,
It isn't fair enough that #steemitnursery isn't found on the list neither on tier 1 nor 2. A community with the core aim of uplifting newcomers.

Wish you'll consider my review

I have included this post in the 26th issue of Steem News Magazine For Steemit Platform | December 05, 2021.

Congratulations to all the communities selected, especially steemalive and steemkidss communities. I wish us more wins.

I wonder how the communities have been selected again for the monthly support program for December?

Congratulations to the selected communities! Thank you so much Steemit Team for choosing Steemit Philippines and Steem Japan.🙏