After Exposing @berniesanders , @kawaiicrush suddenly lost all RC credits . WOW !

in steem •  3 years ago  (edited)

Few days ago @kawaiicrush wrote interesting article , exposing dark side of steemit

Article was basically pointing out one interesting fact and that is @berniesanders account was created before @ned and @dan accounts .

Who is so powerful to be the first on the platform , even before CEO and CTO ?

Couple of days later , author of that post @kawaiicrush suddenly lost all RC credits which are needed to post anything on the platform .


This is the message I received from @kawaiicrush asking for help


If you take a look at this short exchange on discord :


You cant help but wonder , what else has been done in secret on 'decentralized', 'immutable' blockchain . It is all joke

Update :


take your steem out people , as fast as you can !

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Smidge-tv feel free to drop into the steem chat discord you sound like an interesting fella :)

See you there!

Hey Smidge! The deep state did it for sure.

It absolutely wasn't the powerdown, voting and posting...


Have a great day!

I kind of want to make a smidge token, would you be okay with that?

I will distribute half to you to give away.

It is the combination of the number of comments he has created, editing them (which takes a similar number of RC credits as the original comment), the bulk voting, powering down, and the relatively low amount of SP on the account.

All those actions ate through the RC on the account. The main thing was a new power down week started which means another chunk of SP was reserved for the weekly power down (which means it reduces the voting power and resource credits by whatever is being powered down that week which is 39.432 STEEM). This likely was unexpected behavior which made a sudden and quick drop in the already low resource credits.

No one took any resource credits away. It just isn't technically possible without a hard fork.

What about the account being created so early? Is that true, and is there a reasonable explanation?

If you care, like @freebornangel mentioned, check it out on Steemd.

Bernie is 340. Ned is 497. Dan is 496. Smooth is 234. @steem is 23, etc.

Look at the account's number on, they are sequential.

I flag trash (and morons). You have received a flag.