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I vote for 3 witnesses having different characteristics.

  1. @goodguy24, Justin's witness

  2. @anyx, former witness, but present witness due to my voting

  3. @blockbrothers, who opposed in public against the softfork 22,2

I suppose all of steemians understand the meaning of my balance.

Justin crossed line of the honesty with using the exchange, if you bought Steem coin from the exchange, then I could understand your act. But using the exchanges was not ethical IMO.

And your reaction to the softfork made me despair, once you made a promise then you must keep it.

But I fully agree with your reformation plan for Steem, especially shortening the period of powering down.

Former witnesses should admit the full responsibility for the leaving of almost of accounts and the current lowered cheap price.

Former witnesses seem to denounce Justin's behavior as the centralizing Steem blockchain, but their reaction looked like a struggle for the profit, which could be lost by Justin Sun.

Wether admit or not, Steem was already centralized with enough internally.

Former witnesses should've heard my advice about the problem of 3o times voting system. It protected your privilege before, but it was used to expel you former witnesses from your chair.

I vote @blockbrothers for his courage and belief of his own.
He expressed the disagree against the soft fork 22.2

I hope Justin and Former witnesses seek for the proper balance through Town Hall Meeting.

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Glad to see you back posting my friend - I missed your archeological posts - I hope to see more soon, @slowwalker :)

Glad to see you. Thank you for your warm words

Awesome and realistic post

Thank you

The Steem blockchain is currently being attacked by a central authority in order to take control of the witnesses. If you are not managing your witness votes, please consider setting @berniesanders as your witness voting proxy by clicking here to help restore the decentralization of Steem.

I'm learning as much as I can about witnessing and I gave my proxy to @theycallmedan because he always does the right thing for the community. Based on my understanding I think your vote for goodguy24 is correct in spirit but there are some blind spots in your reasoning. Justin hijacked your asset and controls you. He can devalue and manipulate all of your hard work and destroy us. If you remove that vote or give proxy to someone else you can protect yourself. Then if you feel like goodguy24 has worked on your behalf later on you can return your vote to him. I personally don't like being stolen from so I voted against justin's scam witnesses. Consider your own best interest and you may find that goodguy24 doesn't deserve your respect. Respectfully, @cflclosers

Hi @slowwalker, you used to vote for me in the past, I would like to petition for your vote once more, my heart is now and always with Steem and I seek a bright and hopeful future for us all. Please read my post and understand that I tried to reach out to justin, Roy Liu and Elizabeth Powell 4 times across them all 1 week before SF222 and none even acknowledged me. Alot of this could have been curtailed if they were not so arrogant as not ignore the concerns of witnesses and stakeholders.

Please read my latest post and know that I seek only for the liberty of an immutable blockchain community free from centralised corporate control.

it is an explosive time right now and either we all may win if we make our decision based on well thought and realistic ideas and mutual respect to each other or we will lose a lot that we have build up during last 4 years. The world of Steem blockchain that so harmonically started. I completely agree with you that we should find a golden middle and choose thoughtfully the witnesses not to plant a seed of populism here, that like poison can spread and destroy everything that we achieved.

I think many Steemians just want to keep doing what they got used to posting, sharing their routine, chat to others, curate and communicate and as witnesses the guys have their responsibility for those little users and need to behave in good will for Steem blockchain. Tron is now a part of Steem community and we should take the best from it, it is in the interests of both us as Steem communities and Tron who invested a lot in Steem and will try to get best from it.

@slowwalker, As you put here your Balanced View Points, same way let's hope that this whole situation will going to achieve Point Of Balance and Common Ground very soon. Stay blessed.

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Thank you so much


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Thank you so much