Steem is not a place - Justin must understand

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Steem is definitely just not a place, its a community that Justin must entertain before screwing up anything.


There has been so much discussions around the Steemy affair going in between Steem and Tron and we are seeing a lot of posts , lot of speculations, lot of preparedness etc. Some even went and created a fork for the blockchain, @kingscrown discussed about building a STEEMEXCHANGE and listing in binance cloud, there have been many posts to vote for Witnesses, utilize all your votes. Some even did lot of great posts to welcome the Tron community. One from @acidyo was pretty appealing to convince the tron community. @pennsif went and even analyzed some details about Tron community.

But what all these are portraying ? Its showing our community strength. Its told : United we stand, divided we fall. It's glad to see the effort the community is trying to put up to educate Justin, and he must learn from this. No one knows, if the amount he invested does matter a lot to him, but it definitely means some to him. If by any means, he want to get the most out of this marriage, then he has to make both parties happy. And he need to get into active conversations to derive the best course of action. Based on some recent communications from some members of the steemit team, I think, that's on the table, but he doing some random tweets is just making it bad.

I hope as we progress, we have some more clarity over all this and finally we will land up somewhere, that will benefit both the community. One positive result I saw today is that the Steemit frontend is now showing up the notification banner at the top at


So that means, may be Justin is now realizing the power of the community and not interrupting with the planned work for that, as he said. Hopefully, he will be more knowledgeable on the community and take the right decision to get out the best of his investment, which will equally benefit all of us. So until then let's just wait and hope for the best.

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I do hope for the best.

Tron as a community is nowhere near our steem. I feel good to see some changes in UI.