Mad- Rabindra Nath Tagor

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A small town in the west. On top of the big road in front of the big roads, five to six palms of palm pole have reached to the sky, and the ancient tamarind trees at the house of the burning house have been swollen in a pile like a dense lush green cloud. Boiling the kidnapper on the loose vita Vita. Back in the afternoon - greenery of the forest until the horizon of the sky.

Today, monsoon from the head of this city has suddenly removed its black veil completely.

I have a lot of urgent writing - they are still read. I know, it will be a cause of regret in the future; However, it must be accepted and accepted. When you suddenly catch your statue, you can not get ready to know it before, but when it arrives, it can not be welcomed only by the hands. Then he will be very fond of discussions of success, he will be progressing in the world, but he is a bright light in the middle of the intense Ashar, and I have made all my urgent work to the brightest evolutionary moment - today I did not calculate the future - today I am near today Sell

Day comes day after day, they do not claim anything to me; When the calculation is not wrong, then everything can be done easily. Life is one day with the company - one day, one with the work and another - the work is done; All of them continued to run quite evenly. But suddenly, without any news, a special day came to be like the seven-ocean-prairie prince, the daily company does not match any of them, then all the khaye disappears in the moment - the obstacles are difficult to deal with.But this is the day our big day - the day of this irregularity, the day to destroy this work. The day we come and crashed us every day, our joy The other days are intelligent days, day of caution, and completely devoted to whole madness - one day.

The word crazy is not hateful to us. We worship Om Namah; Maheshwar, our fate god. There is a debate in Europe about whether there is a kind of genius of genius, but we do not hesitate to accept that. The genius of the genius, the exception of the rule, comes in the opposite direction - that suddenly, like this day coming out of a sudden day, suddenly, the work of the person is destroyed by anybody, whoever he or she is in the abyss, someone or someone with a nachiyan - the kundis get restless.

Bholanath, who is delighted in our scriptures, is such a defect among all the gods. I see this crazy megalomaniore in the sunshine of this blue dirt. During this intensive midday heart, his dummy demi was playing. Today, the naked image of death has stood in the midst of this working world, how peaceful it is.Bholanath, I know, you are strange. You are standing with your begging as a strange moment in life. The book has completely destroyed the book. I have my identity in the company of your nandy Today, they can not say that they did not give me a drop of your fulfillment; It's my addiction, all the vulnerabilities have gone - today I have nothing left. I know, happiness is the everyday content, the joy is the past. Happiness is shrunk somewhere in the body, because the dust is compressed, joy breaks the gap between the dust and the crocodile; For this, dust on behalf of happiness and dust for joy. Happiness is afraid to lose something; Delighted, Delivered and fulfilled; That is why poverty is the result of happiness and happiness is the richness of poverty. Happiness protects your Shatuku in the system ties; Joy expresses its beauty in the release of the annihilation; That is why happiness is bound by the outside rules, joy breaks the bonds and creates your rules. Happiness is looking for a good sense; Joy, joy, and sorrow of poisonous grief. That is why only favorable to happiness on the valutuku, and good for both happiness is equally good.There is a crazy creature in this creation, which is something that is invincible. He is centrifugal, 'centrifugal' - he only pulls Nikhil out of the rules. The god of the law is trying to make the entire path of the whole world round, and this madman strikes him and makes the coil-shaped. This crazy man is inventing people from birds and monkeys in the reptile family. There has been a difficult attempt in the world to protect what has happened, which is to be kept permanently; He has made the path for the sake of ruining it, which is not what it is. It does not have a flute in its hand; The pinak is up, the priestly arrangement is ruined, and from where a miracle comes flying out. The crazy idiots and talents are also the creatures. The person who torn his tear is insane, and whose sublime tune is his talent! The crazy out of ten, talented too; But the crazy person is left outside, and in the talented ten years, pulling up in eleven years and giving ten rights.Not just crazy, not just talented, suddenly, in our monotonous day-to-day despair, suddenly his shocking tone of light appeared. That horrible, unexpected loss in nature, awakened in the form of an extraordinary sin among the people. How much happiness is the lalbandha, how much heartache is eroded! O Rudra, the light of the house of lights in the darkness of the flame of your forehead, the light of the house shines in the darkness, the house of the house is celebrated on the night in the hail of thousands of people. Alas, shambhum, your dancing in your right and left steps is a great and irrelevant thing in the world. On a daily basis in the mass of the household - a little stretch of its cover, you can tear it apart from the whirlwind, and constantly stirring the flow of life to the unexpected flutter, and expressing the new new lust of power and the new image of creation. Insane, my fearful heart is not turned away to join your rudra rejoicing. Blood of the Holocaust - In the middle of the sky, your rabby-eyed third eyebrows in the eye of my heart. Dancing, o mad, dance. When the glittering star of the sky will be full of glowing stars, then in my chests, the rudra music will not be cut off. O death, you will be victorious in all our good and all evil.The advent of our false god is not that instant; There is a crazy insanity in the creation, we get to know him sooner. Ahhahah life is renewing the death, brightening the evil of good, making trivial worthless worth. When we get acquainted, then we are awakened in the form of expression, release of bondage in bondage, awake to us. In this cloudless light of today, I have awakened the image of that beautiful image. On that road, I saw the scattered grocery store, the broken villa, the narrow lane, and those plants very trivial in everyday identities. That is why they put me off-and-kept in this kind of thing every day. Suddenly, there is a sudden lack of transparency. I see today, I have seen the strangers known so long, I did not see it better. Today, I can not finish all this. Today he is all around me, but they have not kept me in detention, everyone has let me off the road. My crazy man was here - that wonderful, unknowingly, the grocery store did not ignore the open rice class - only the light that he saw was not on my eyes. It is astonishing today that the scene in front of it, the closest thing to me has been a great distinction. Gaurishankar's snow-staring excitement with its companions, the wave of the ocean wave is giving its genius to you.Suddenly, one day I was able to know, with whom I was sitting on a lot of house-wives, she was outside my house. I was relieved of whom I was tied every moment - I was completely unharmed, there was nothing like the rare dirty thing like this. By thinking of whom I knew the good form, drawing a boundary around it, Khatir - I was sitting and sitting, I saw that in a moment, all the borders crossed and became wonderful. By the rules, in the direction of the state, quite small, quite muscular, very well felt, in the direction of the breakdown, from the point of breaking, from that crematorial madman suddenly saw the sentence and sentence disappeared-no wonder! Who he is Who I have known forever, who is! The one side of the house - one at the other end, one side of the work - one side of the one side, the one who is touching one side of the other - the one who has touched the other side of one side - the one with whom the company is quite fit - On one hand, you're pretty terrible.I have seen him whom I have not seen every day, I have saved myself from daily hands and saved. I was thinking that I was tied to the daily routine of the familiar fences around the park, and today I am playing in the trunk of the super-rich. I used to think that a very important person like Apuris Baroosheb was going through the hands of people, and today I am going to draw a picture of the world. Today, in the huge generous laughter of the great man who is bigger than that big-sahib, I heard the sound of sounding in the sky, My testimonies are all risen. I gave up the burden of my emergency work to the feet of leaving it - by the blow of his dance dance, it was crushed with dust and let it fly away.

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