[Witness update] Supporting curation project: ecosynthesizer

in steem •  2 years ago 

It has been almost 3 months since our last post. We want to assure you that we were not idling - we were silently observing what's going on, not only in Steem but also in crypto scene.

We are currently following 3 curation trails: project hope, world of xpilar, and music of steem.

Using steemworld.org, we find that our steem power is well used to support Steem community. (Thank you @steemchiller for amazing analysis tool!)


Yet, we are hoping to expand our horizon and reach out to more communities.

Recently, we learned that one of the main witness, @symbionts, has been running an excellent curation system @ecosynthesizer and the project may need some steem power delegation.

We just delegated about half of our available steem power (25,000 SP) to this curation project.

Hope this helps!

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Your support is highly appreciated,

Thank you,

Thank you for your support

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Hi @protoss20 we would be glad if you could support our community either by delegation or following our curation trail. Thank you in advance for your kind support. 🤗