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There's a new Marketing Plan hatching for Steem on Facebook and Instagram.

Abuse-Watcher is gearing up for action.

Today's Steem News also includes news and updates about Steem Power Ups, Nigeria Meetup & City Coordinators, World Smile Project in Nigeria and Indonesia, Steem for Bangladesh, Steem Video Contest, and Contests on Steem...

1. Steem Marketing Plan

Following a connection being made through Steem News @o1eh from Ukraine and @pollito22 from Venezuela are now working together on a Marketing Plan to promote Steem through social networks.

Initially they are focusing on Facebook and Instagram, using the accounts @steemitESP (Spanish language) and @steemitEN (English language)...

2. Abuse-Watcher

After the recent announcement of the revival and revamping of the @abuse-watcher account to fight abuse on the Steem platform, there are a growing number of abuse reports being posted in the Steem Watcher community.

Accounts such as @impostor, @plagiaristhunter, and @terminator-x are all filing reports of various types of abuse...

The wider community is now waiting to see how @abuse-watcher will deal with the offenders.

3. Power Ups Still on the Up

The latest stats from @remlaps this week have revealed another significant jump in the amount of STEEM that is powered up.

The past week has again seen a 2.7M (1.66%) increase to 163,666,269 STEEM powered up, equivalent to a value of $35,866,971.

The bulk of the increase in Steem Power was due to a new account @hungry-griffin that is bringing in and powering up a large amount of STEEM. In total @hungry-griffin has brought in 5 million STEEM in the past week or so...

4. Nigeria Meetup

Nigeria Country Rep @ngoenyi last weekend hosted a meetup of Country Reps and other Steemians in the city of Uyo.

Amongst other topics those at the meeting discussed how the Nigerian Steem community can move forward after the recent power-downs and departures of several leading communities and community members.

The meeting was attended by around 20 Steemians both physically and virtually...

@fredquantum was one of the Country Reps who attended...

The Steem4Nigeria community is reviving the idea of City Coordinators to promote Steem across the country. This idea was previously run through the now defunct SteemAlive community.

Applications to become a City Coordinator are open until 3 October...

5. World Smile Project Updates

World Smile Nigerian Project Leader, @ubongudofot has now paid the deposit of 1200 STEEM to the supplier to secure the current price of 2000 STEEM for the solar PV equipment needed for the next phase of the community solar scheme in Uyo...

@klen.civil has posted another progress report on the new World Smile funded Free Education Centre in East Aceh.

The building work is now 75% complete...

6. Steem for Bangladesh

Country Rep @msharif has posted that he will also be hosting an open Discord meeting on Friday 30 September to discuss the progress of Steem in Bangladesh...

The Steem For Bangladesh community has also just gained Tier 2 Booming Support...

Country Rep @msharif has also announced that the Steem for Bangladesh community will now be providing 200 SP delegations to newcomers...

Community founder @rme also recently announced that Amar Bangla Blog for Bengali speakers will be providing delegations for newcomers...

7. Steem Video Contest

The prize pool for the Steem video contest being run by @xpilar has now been increased to 26500 SP in delegations. The judges for the contest are @xpilar, @stef1 and @pennsif.

The contest will be open for applications for at least 14 days...

8. Contests on Steem

@disconnect continues to publish his comprehensive daily list of current contests on Steem.

There are 64 contests in the latest list with over 550 STEEM in prizes...

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Muchísimas gracias amigo por su colaboración en nuestro plan de marketing para Steemit. Es un verdadero placer poder contar con el apoyo de grandes personas. Esperemos poder llevar acabo con éxito este plan y poder traer novedades en una próxima publicación. Bendiciones a todos 🙏😁

I am interested in your news about the Steem Marketing Plan, I think it would be better if the addition of Indonesian language because Indonesia is also one of the countries that have the most steemit users

Do connect with @o1eh and @pollito22 - I am sure they would be happy to hear from you.

sure...I have also commented on the post @oleh

Thanks for the compilation, @pennsif. And we are glad to have the recent development in Nigeria on the list.

I have found good information through this post, especially ABUSE USERS and Contests, I really wondered about @hungry-griffin who bought 5 million steems WOW!

thanks for Your valuable information 🇧🇩✌️.

Thanks a lot dear. @pennsif.

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Thank you for the very good information.

Steemit promotion through digital marketing is a unique concept.

We've tried to do this before, but it's hard to find responsiveness.

What promotion methods are used? organically or using the Ads service?

I suggest, it is better to make one take action advertising to a google link form/or the like, so that we can know concretely the number of real responsiveness to the promotions that we do.

Thank you,

They created a digital marketing project for users outside of crypto in general, that's great. While I have also created my own account on Torum and Taki to promote Steemit to crypto enthusiasts and those with a background in crypto and blockchain. Slowly, we just need to do Engagement and Influence...

This post has been translated and reposted in the Steem Indonesia Community

parece que también espero obtener apoyo como amigos, de gente genial, pero tengo que aprender más, para poder ser como amigos en steemians,