The Steem News @ 17 November 2021 - The Dolphins are Growing...

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The Dolphins are still growing in number.

229,000 STEEM has been powered up through SPUD4STEEM in 2021.

Today's Steem News also includes news and updates about Steemit Crypto Academy, Steem Japan, Club5050 T-Shirts, World Smile Project, Comunidad Latina, Steemit-Garden, Steem Entrepreneurs and Contests on Steem...

1. Dolphin Watch

There is still a good way to go to reach the Dolphin Challenge target of 1,500 Dolphins, but the numbers continue to edge up every day.

The total now stands at 1,239 - up from 1,226 at the beginning of the month.

Recent #ClubDolphin recruits include @karianaporras, @jotase and @disconnect...

There have also been a number of 'multiple dolphins'.

@hassanabid has become a Double Dolphin...

@olesia has become a Triple Dolphin...

@simonjay has become a Quintuple Dolphin...

2. SPUD4STEEM Powering Up & Up

#SPUD4STEEM organiser @kiwiscanfly has compiled the statisitics for all monthly Power Up events for 2021 to date.

A massive 229,000 STEEM has been powered up through the SPUD4STEEM's in 2021...

3. Steemit Crypto Academy - Season 4 Roundup

Crypto Professor @sapwood has compiled the statistics for Season 4 of the Crypto Academy that has recently finished.

Over 6,000 homework posts were submitted to the Academy Professors...

@sapwood also announced the three 'Season Superstars' who received a large vote from @steemcurator01...

Congratulations to all three.

4. Steem Japan - Steem #club5050 Tag Checker

Steem Japan has developed a service for checking the #club5050 status of all people using the tag in a community...

5. Club5050 T-Shirts

@klen.civil has produced a T-shirt to promote #club5050...

@masril was among the first to receive a #club5050 T-shirt...

6. World Smile Project Update

WSP Founder @el-nailul has published a Completion Report for the 'House for Manuel' project.

The house built in Venezuela for Manuel and his family, cost around $7,500 in the end - all raised through beneficiaries and donations on Steem...

@klen.civil has posted a progress update on the Free Education Centre project in Indonesia...

@irawandedy has given an update on the finances of the @worldsmile charity account...

7. Community Watch

Comunidad Latina are celebrating that their community account @cotina has reached 100,000 SP...

Steemit-Garden Community, founded by @vipnata, has recorded an increase in Active Users of over 250%...

@harferri reports that Steem Entrepreneurs is giving special awards to members of its community that are successfully taking part in #club75 and #club100...

8. Contests on Steem

@disconnect continues to publish his comprehensive daily list of current contests on Steem.

There are 109 contests in the latest list with over 2,250 STEEM in prizes...

KEY DATA [ from CoinMarketCap ]

STEEM price US$ 0.65 18 Nov '21 0.18am UTC
STEEM price 0.00001080 BTC 18 Nov '21 0.18am UTC
CoinMarketCap Ranking #294 18 Nov '21 0.18am UTC
SBD price US$ 7.38 18 Nov '21 0.18am UTC
Alexa rank ( #3,180 18 Nov '21 0.18am UTC
Unique visitors ( 862,737 / day 18 Nov '21 0.18am UTC
Page views ( 4,658,780 / day 18 Nov '21 0.18am UTC

This is #417 (17 Nov '21) of this daily news service.

Steem News is sponsored by @stephenkendal.

[ graphics & video by @pennsif & @stephenkendal ]

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Excelentes noticias!! Que alegria que se sigan sumando nuevos delfines para llegar a la meta! Mi sueño es ser uno de ellos antes de culminar el año, espero lograrlo con el apoyo de los curadores. Saludos @pennsif

Very informative

Thank you)!

Excelente noticia especialmente me encanta ver qué cada vez hay más delfines a mi solo me falta un poco para llegar y además también me alegra ver todo lo que ha generado el spud4steem.

Felicidades a cotina por su logro espero que en también logremos esa meta, pero en realidad nosotros vamos por el millón de SP.

Saludos Cordiales

Soy @jesusbar23 Kid Administrador De La Comunidad

#affable #venezuela

Excelentes noticias, gracias por el apoyo al WSP y especialmente al equipo de Montalbán.

Estuve revisando la herramienta de Steem Japan y noté que tiene algunas fallas, ya que el SBD lo lee como steem por lo que las cuantas no dan exactas, pero creo que si la arreglan será súper útil para verificar billeteras. Buen avance.

Gracias por la mención amigo, haces un gran trabajo. Saludos!

Thank you very much for the information, have a good day and a great mood.

Woooow gracias por la mención es un honor para mi

Thank you for championing a good campaign. This a good agenda to deliberately make the use of crypto much more popular. Once I found a new gem, the best I can do is to keep them on my decentralized multi-coin wallet from, where several coins can easily be stored.

Thank you very much for mentioning me, dear @pennsif

Thank you for including WSP activities in the form of building a free education center and the #club5050 hashtag campaign through the distribution of t-shirts

muy bien tu articulo me gusta

[WhereIn Android] (

buena historia

[WhereIn Android] (

thanks for mentioning our big achievement