VP (VM now) are recharging from zero and why it's not a problem; claim_account cost at this moment

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Steem successfully upgraded to version 20+. 

Hardfork has caused only one problem at this moment. VP (VM now) are recharging from zero even from minus.

I didn't research the community's reaction in detail. But I meet dissatisfied reviews periodically. People are indignant why they lost a week when they didn't vote more than normal. I don't think so and this is a normal sacrifice for the future of the network, because we got so many new things. The main thing I think is free account registrations.

Creating accounts was a major problem. People had to wait a few weeks before their registration would be approved. Not all new users were ready for this. And without new users, there is no future.

Now large SP holders can create accounts for free. The exact figures are not yet known, but it seems that million of SP are needed to create several hundred accounts a day. At this moment you need to have 1 000 000 SP to create 250 accounts.


8,406,892,071,103 RC needed for 1 claim_account!

The price for 1 claimed_account decreases every few hours. I believe that it takes about a week for the price to be fixed.

SP generates a certain number of RC tokens, which are useless in large numbers. Large SP holders shouldn't be against creating services for registering new users. It can be free for community, it will be free for them. Registration service can attract some attention to their main services.

If people have invested in Steem and now have to lose a week they also don't need to get upset. The potential growth of Steem after the hardfork and the influx of new users will accurately cover all losses in the prospects. But there are almost no dissatisfied users among investors and developers. Everyone must understands the prospects and benefits of the HF20.

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As the system needs to balance, so do our minds. Sometimes, change is a little hard to digest. I like it. I for example get excited with changes, not unwell.
Great post

Saludos. Lo bueno se hace esperar, por ello, si el cambio traes cosas positivas se debe asumir con paciencia, esperar unos pocos días por las ventajas del crecimiento de la plataforma no es un gran sacrificio, es algo suave si se estudia desde ahora que ya paso, pues fue solo una semana y todo se dio bien. Con los nuevos costos en RC, los usuarios tendrán mas cuidado a la hora de usar los recursos con que cuenten, lo que resultará en una comunidad mas consciente y menos spam. Lo de las nuevas cuentas gratuitas que pueden abrir de forma gratuita los dueños del grandes cantidades de SP es una ventaja y solo hace falta ver cuando comienzan con ese proceso y aporta al ecosistema, por lo menos yo conozco unas cuantas personas que quieren abrir una cuenta y a las que se invertirán tiempo y aportarán calidad a nuestra plataforma de steemit.