Downvote this jackass!!!!

in steem •  3 years ago

Apparently this guy has a problem with my posts! Please downvote him...

This is why I don't post much anymore....

People like this are ruining steem.....

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The same thing happens to me as well...

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It's not just him. I see a lot downvote abuse all in the name of #newsteem.
Last week I was talking to steemcleaners and they basically told me that once you get flagged, you'll automatically get downvoted for all your future posts, regardless of the content, forever...
This kind of atitudine will drive people away from this otherwise great platform and then we shouldn't wonder why the Steem price keeps dropping.

It's called appeals. Did you do it? Or did you just decide to walk away?

Steem Cleaners have always done that from the beginning. That's not the reason for the price drop at all.

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I don't think I've heard about appeals before. What exactly are those? Could you maybe share a link with more information? That would be helpful.

I haven't said that that's the only reason for the price drop nor that I'm walking away. I'm just getting tired of people expecting of me to know/read about all about steem projects (like steem cleaners) or the new development of steemit... As I'm sure many other users are.
I'm just an average user that has invested time (and some money) in this platform and wanted to use it for social media. That's it!
Instead I get reproaches and downvotes for reasons that are not always clear to me.

I've been recently told that "steemit is not reddit" and that I can't just share everything I want (like youtube videos).
But wasn't that the endgame? Steemit to become mainstream?

It's in their discord.

And honestly, there's no consensus on the end goal. If you want to share other people's work, it's best to decline rewards for those posts. It doesn't sit well with many people that someone is getting paid for using other people's stuff.

Steemit is not Steem (the blockchain). But yes, things are complex here. Crypto is complex in general.

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