Likwid ending anti-abuse downvotes and focus on positive content reward!

in steem •  2 years ago  (edited)
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Hi @likwid

It is a great pleasure to read your blog today and your team will focus on positive content rewards!

I welcome this decision. It is always better to support the good than to seek the bad.

thanks, it's good for community。

you are great to make this decision
The greater the ability, the greater the responsibility.
You are such a person.

OHHHH, I must completely have missed the notification! Thank you for following our trail and we hope you like it so far.

Kind regards, @ciska

Good move and keep it up helping the community. Nice to hear it.

This is a good move I would say. Instead of giving rise to heated argument for every downvote, will be better off to focus on upvoting and supporting good contents.
A very welcome decision.

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