STEEM witnesses i vote for

in steem •  2 months ago 

Anyone else needs votes?

Also i ask for some support from current witnesses, i used to be top1 poster on STEEM but now hardly anyone helps me.

Here is who is vote for so far as they good do job for STEEM.


我还请求当前证人的一些支持,我曾经是 STEEM 上的第一张海报,但现在几乎没有人帮助我。

只要他们为 STEEM 做好工作,这就是投票给谁。
Hái yǒurén xūyào xuǎnpiào ma?

Wǒ huán qǐngqiú dāngqián zhèngrén de yīxiē zhīchí, wǒ céngjīng shì STEEM shàng de dì

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#kr also :)