Hey Justin, how about we raise STEEM from the dead!

in steem •  3 months ago 

Justin Sun withdrew billions from a defi platform, perhaps some of that could make its way into STEEM...

There was much excitement when TRX was integrated with the steemit.com website, however, ever since then there hasn't been much to be excited about.

The same economic protocol has existed since prior to Sun getting involved and there has been little to no development anywhere else on STEEM or the steemit.com platform ever since that integration.

An integration that only works about half the time btw...

TRX rewards are constantly having issues being paid out...

Well, now it looks like Sun has moved billions out of a defi platform due to potential security issues...



Perhaps some of that money can make its way into STEEM either as an investment or in developing new things attached to or on STEEM?

There is a lot STEEM can do to make it more attractive to users and to investors and that opportunity won't be around forever.

Sitting flush with cash, now is the time to put some money back into your initial investment.

It also would be nice to get an update or two via a roadmap on what the plans are going forward with STEEM as there hasn't been much going on for over a year now...

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There is a lot STEEM can do to make it more attractive to users and to investors and that opportunity won't be around forever.

I totally agree, a lot can be done
We need to draw more developers to the platform and it's time for Justin Sun to spend more time on the steem and market this platform

Yep agreed. How do we make that happen?

Would be nice if Steem Inc delivers this message to Justin Sun!

How do we make that happen?

You've mentions quite some good points. I hope he sees this.

Yep me too, how do we make that happen?

Put some of that cash towards your initial investment, I like that idea, we've been stuck at these levels for far too long now, time to pump STEEM Justin

The best way to bring in more people is an increasing STEEM price. We've seen what that can do for DOGE and SHIB.

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Thank you guys, much appreciated. How do we we get some more development done on here?

Cierto que no se apronunciado nada sobre actualizaciones o nuevas cosas para la plataforma, ojalá puedan llegar y ponga un ojo en Steem.

Not sure what you are saying here, but it does sound positive so thanks for commenting.

A lot has to be done here because the platform itself is falling apart and things has to be done to bring about progress and stability because we are lacking behind when it comes to Steem

The platform is falling apart? What is falling apart?

The fluctuation in steem price

Yea, the STEEM price could use a boost for sure. The steemit.com website seems to be working pretty well though. It just needs a lot more marketing and it needs TRX rewards to actually work.

Exactly but is to get to the center for right proposal if the bill can passed into law to bring about stability to the steem price

That's the market ... you can't get much stability there.

Maybe I'm not aware of something ... but I have a feeling that the platform has stopped developing and improving.
Integration TRON ... that's all that comes to mind, but this part of the platform is malfunctioning.
Maybe something is being done and will soon appear, but so far we are in the stage of stagnation. And this can be seen even by the token rate.
Support for SС01 is good, but without new developments and improvements, a sad future awaits us.

If you use some of the funds you are talking about to develop the platform ... you are asking the right question, how to achieve this?

hi @jondoe?

How do you know that he withdrawed that much from DeFi

Truth be told, I never thought that Justin has not enough capital to invest into STEEM and ensure that this blockchain is being developed. Lack of money doesn't seem to be the problem. So having more liquid funds will probably not change anything :(