[SUN] Let's get Steem into the SUN mining Pool

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Hi, @jayplayco here,

Today I have a very important matter and would like to request to resteem, retweet, and comment about your thoughts on this post.

About Justswap and De-Fi

After launching the Justswap site it has already been announced that Steemit Inc. will partner with Justswap to increase the synergy between Steem and Tron environment. I am in the moment eagerly waiting for an official Steem-TRX pair, so we are able to swap Steem to Steem-TRX powered tokens and participate in the Justswap economy with a very high 24 hours volume of 137 Million USD.

YFI, YFII, YAM, SUSHI, and co. have been quite successful on the Ethereum platform as De-Fi models and been one of the main reasons that the Ethereum price is increasing and the transaction price on an ATH. The interesting part is with Justswap, that the Tron economy does have a better transaction condition to participate in different De-Fi projects based on TRX.

I have been testing around the last few days on Justswap with experimental De-Fi projects like PEARL, JFI, etc. which looks like have been forked from successful ETH De-Fi projects. Based on this trend Justin Sun also started a Meme Coin called $SUN based on a Smart Contract.

This kind of YFI like projects have following points in common,

  • Zero Pe investments
  • Zero VC investments
  • no pre-mining
  • no reverses for the team
  • open-sourced smart contract base
  • driven by the community alone


The $SUN project already gathered staked Tron worth at the moment over 175 million USD for over 2 weeks. The basic principle here is very easy. Stake a TRX based token that is offered and get $SUN tokens for that.

States for $SUN

  • Start for Genesis Mining: 2nd September 2020, 21:00 SGT
  • Total Volume : 19,900,730 $SUN
  • Genesis Mining Volume : 9.34$ -> 1,858,728 $SUN
  • Genesis Mining Time : 2 weeks until 16th of September
  • SUN DAY : when official mining for $SUN begins

Read for more information
Official Website

After SUN Day (16th of September)

In the moment only TRX is offered to stake for SUN mining. After the official launch at 16th of September additional Tokens are being offered with the following percentage. Mining will wrap after 16 weeks with a halving every 15 days.


  • TRX - 30%
  • JST - 10%
  • USDJ - 10%
  • BTT - 5%
  • WIN -5%

In total that would be about 60% of the total pool.

Why the Steem community needs to react here!

The important part is, 40% of the pool is for community projects and liquidity mining pools. I can't personally think of a better fitting community project then Steem in the entire world for the $SUN project.

We would need the following parts including some implementations from Steemit Inc. and also the support from the $SUN project.

  • A TRX based STEEMJ token to be able to swap Steem to STEEMJ.
  • Liquidity provider for the STEEMJ token on Justswap (Steemit Inc.'s power downed liquidity could help here!!! @steemit) - example, swap Steem to SteemJ and half of it to TRX to create a SteemJ-TRX LP liquidity Pool.
  • Convince the $SUN project to include SteemJ as TOP QUALITY community project with at least 10-20% into the mining pool!

The important part is that our voice needs to be raised here, so the $SUN project knows that we are interested in it. Comments on this post, twittering, etc will help to get the attention from the $SUN project. The best thing is, Steemit Inc. is also part of the bigger TRON economy and would have a good chance that people at Steemit Inc. can forward our voice directly.

Why does this matter?

The De-Fi meta is getting more and more important every single day, and an important specific based on this De-Fi meta is, that every mining pairing token gets a high increase of demand, so you will be able to mine the specific token.

$SUN token has already gathered more than 175 million USD, and if our community is able to get STEEM on that pairing, we are going to go on the De-Fi Meta and also offering a direct pairing for one of the hottest De-Fi projects right now.

Please leave your voice as a comment on this article, also please spread the message with resteeming and retweeting and let's get together Steem as a mining pair for $SUN!

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steem도 껴달라~!

Absolutely nailed it.

As the Steem blockchain is a pioneer in yield farming (we just call it curation and posting rewards) it makes absolute sense to integrate Steem into the JUST/TRON ecosystem. Our blockchains also have the same consensus algorithm and we all know interoperability is a gateway to mass adoption.

It makes absolute sense for JUST to put another reputable coin on your list of tokens to yield. It will create demand + scarcity, not an economist over here, but even my 6-year-old knows that this will soar prices.

I do not own tens of millions of STEEM, but if I did I would be over the moon with this type of initiative and suggestions from the community. We are about to enter a bull market that the world has not witnessed before, and hundreds of millions of New eyes on the project and tokens within the ecosystem. Please dafuq start chilling the hell out of this JS!

I am extremely extremely bullish


This is a very valid point, which I personally promote. Steem was doing DeFi before DeFi was cool.


Yes we want this done yesterday! @steemitblog @steemcurator01 @steemit @justinsunsteemit

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Your link looks scammy to me.

The best value-add post that I have seen recently. We only got one shot at this. Let's not miss our chance to blow. The opportunity comes once in this blockchain's life. Fully support this with 100% upvote and resteem.

Hello my dear
I hope all of your affairs are fine
I hope you will visit my page and support me with all love and affection, and I will be grateful for that. Greetings

I fully agree with you as well.
Its a brilliant idea and I believe that it will make tron eco-system even stronger.
Better Tron, better Steem.


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STEEM into Defi, definitely the best news for steem.

this would be awesome

Yes, this absolutely should be done. I had thought this was what they had announced previously, though haven't seen anything else on it since the initial announcement.

Hello @jrcornel
It’s great to see your comment and support here:

Hi @jayplayco

I agree with your ideas here.
It would be great for Steem to be integrated into the Tron Ecosystem either through a Steem-TRX Pair on JustSwap or via Steem Tron atomic swaps as mentioned in the February AMA after the Steemit Inc., But the most important thing is better access to this ecosystem now.

The use of Steemits power down, if available would be great for establishing a huge liquidity pool for Steem-TRX on Just-Swap providing Steem a great runway that we could use to fly our token price higher. This would also give us a clear on-ramp into the Just CDP pathway.

I also share your excitement over staking, token air drops drops and other possibilities with the new Sun coin.

Exciting times and possibilities may lie ahead.

This post has been Resteemed and tweeted!


I've been following the #sun project too, it sounds great. I hope steem community could benefit from the project as you mentioned in this post too.

Hello my dear
I hope all of your affairs are fine
I hope you will visit my page and support me with all love and affection, and I will be grateful for that. Greetings

The triumvirate of @tron, DeFi and @justswap will birth a synergy that will catapult steemit to an enviable and most preferred sm within a short while!
Good efforts; keep pushing ahead for the benefit of the steemit community!

Wow, Really interesting article.

Cannot agree more on this. The Steem community definitely qualifies as "top quality community", and we should fully support steem inclusion on justswap and SUN mining pool,

좋은글 감사합니다. 강력 지지 합니다.

Super idea!

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You are really playing an important role for this platform. I didn’t have a Tron token and that’s why I couldn’t participate in the 🌞 sun token. It would have been great if Sun Token had been given instead of Steam. Because about 80% of all capital are invested in steem tokens and they are lying on different exchanges. In fact I believe in steem tokens

Absolutely agree on this.

Wow Amazing and Important Article

Great Idea! I would love to have steem in part of this defi process.

Thanks for this post.

This would be great, let's hope we are surprised by @steemitblog. So much silence must be for some reason.

Hi @jayplayco

Thank you for bringing this up.
After they announced the collaboration, I have just been waiting for us to get more info about further development. I wonder why it's so quiet in the doors of @steemitblog now, not a word there about this now.
Will they surprise us?



Very beautiful matter Best wark

좋은 생각이십니다.
스팀도 참여하게 해달라~~~

It's a great idea.

I strongly support your opinion.


이제는 놀지말고 스팀가격 방어에 힘쓸떄입니다. 파이팅~

The Steem community is one of the most powerful community in the blockchain world. (yeah, so far...) I guess if once Steem is going to include on justswap and SUN mining pool, there will be tremendous synergy.

I strongly encourage Steemit INC and Justin to consider @jayplayco's idea.


I totaly agree with that.
trx-steem defi will makr tron group stronger !

This is a very good idea. We hope this comment is forwarded to Sun.


Great Picture

강력히 지지합니다~

찬성찬성 대찬성!

Great Idea!!!! Let's go STEEM!!!

Hello, I'm a new member, can you join the game in my profile?

강력 지지 합니다.

absolutely agreed

It seems great idea!

이보다 더 좋은 아이디어 있나요!!!!

This is gonna be a huge success for steem and steemians! Keep breaking barriers!

SUN x STEEM! This party would be totally off the hook IMO :)

Desconozco en esta materia pero si los que saben lo apoyan, yo también. voy a tener que estudiar un poco de este tema

  ·  2 years ago (edited)

it's great idea

Sun, Hurry up!!


This sounds great. Will for sure read more about this!

That's a great idea.

It's absolutely necessary.

지지합니다 굿 아이디어 입니다

Let's take this opportunity at once. If you're a risk taker and had studied about how this arrangement met you in blockchain. Let's not miss any chance. Deal with it as it was your final bet to run take all the charge and win some suns!

very good idea !!!!!

Still hopeful

good!!! tron win, steem win!!


your explanation is something extraordinary


nice work

The Defi partnership between Steem and Tron can be very synergistic.
I strongly support this idea.

It's what we must do!!

Getting Steem to DeFi projects will definitely make it more attractive to investors. Upvoted & Resteemed!

A great article truly

Thank you for the interesting information!!!

당신의 의견을 적극지지합니다.


very good

[WhereIn Android] (http://www.wherein.io)

"A TRX based STEEMJ token to be able to swap Steem to STEEMJ.
The name STEEMJ. Is proposed by you?


Hi @jayplayco

Thank you very much for this article and your call for people to indicate their willingness to support a Steem-Sun trading pair on JustSwap platform.
I see JUST Foundatiin releases a daily bulletin on Medium which is titled Whitelist, and contains the top 30 trading pairs by volume and 25,000 USD daily volume is required to get on the list.

I tried to create a trading pair Steem-Sun on JustSwap as the documentation says adding trading pairs is permissionless. But it requires the address of a smart contract defining the relationship between the New Token (Steem) and TRX, and from there it extrapolated the relationship with other Tokens in the platform. I don’t know where I would find such a smart contract address?

I know there is a Steem-TRX trading pair on Poloniex, so there might be a smart contract in their github, but I don’t know if it’s open source.

Did you look at the process to create a trading pair on JustSwap? Do you have any ideas how to accomplish this task?

Thank you.

You will need to understand the technical background of it. Steem is not built on Tron, which means that it is different blockchain technology. Any kind of TRC-20 based token should be able to create a TRX based pairing on JustSwap, but as Steem is not TRC-20 based you will not be able to pair a STEEM-TRX LP.

For that you need to have a swapping system to swap your Steem to a TRC-20 based (as example) "wSteem" token. There is a project called "Project W" currently starting in the next few days to support that kind process. Please read this article to understand it

Those kind of projects would be the first entry to get Steem into the TRC-20 environment. A further step would be that Steemit Inc. would prepare a way that Steem can be swapped directly from the Steemitwallet.com from Steem into a TRC-20 based Steem.

Due to the fact that there is in the moment no official timeline to adapt Steem into TRC-20 projects like "Project W" can be a way to start the first wave into DeFi. When Steem is officially supported from SUN, either the SUN foundation or Steemit Inc. will have either a swapping mechanism prepared or will leverage existing Steem TRC-20 tokens like the wrapped Steem token from Project W called $WST.

Hope this helps you to understand the underlying technical background.

Hi @jayplayco
Thank you for your reply. I had suspected that a TRC20 token might be needed, but I wasn’t sure.
I have been following the articles about wrapped Leo on Uniswap and in my studies of the MakerDao and Uniswap I became familiar with the ERC20 token and other ERC type tokens. I remember reading about TRC20 and TRC10 tokens on JustSwap, and I understand JustSwap is a descendant of opensource code for Uniswap. So I should have figured this out. I remember reading about the process of creating a TRC20 token, so I will review that documentation and read your Project W article again.
Thank you for the information.


[WhereIn Android] (http://www.wherein.io)


제이님의 의견을 지지합니다!!

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