New to Steemit. MY PRESENTATION :)

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Hello guys, I just created an account on steemit.
First of all i would like to wish all of you a happy new year!! (F**k COVID!!). I hope all of you are having fun these days and enjoying the time with your family.

My name is Jorge, I´m from Spain and I´m a computer engineer, specialized in cybersecurity. I have several hobbies and i hope to post a bit of everything. The main ones are: cars, cooking, trekking, painting and, of course, everything related to cybersecurity! I´m always looking forward to learn as much as I can, and I think this is a perfect site for that.

I´ve decided to post everything in English for a greater reach. I think that will not be so hard for me, as all the stuff I have been working with in my career was written in English.

I would be glad if you comment in this post with your preferences about the content I will post.

Bye steemians! Happy New Year (again) and much love!! <3


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Greetings friend @georgygar

Welcome to our Steemit platform, I'm glad you decided to join us to share excellent original content.

I'm @adeljose, Venezuela's Representative in Steemit, our desire is to help you grow in this platform, so I would like to guide you in our Newcomers' Community managed by @cryptokannon.

I invite you to review the requirements to fulfill the Achievement 1 and so keep on going until you fulfill the achievement 6, you have the opportunity to receive support from "Steem Greeters" and be eligible to apply for "500SP minnowsupport",

I invite you to follow and visit the @steemitblog account to know the events and news promoted by the Steemit team.


Hi, @adeljose
Thanks for your help and recommendations. I will follow those accounts.

Hi, thanks for the kind words to us Steemians and happy new year to you too.

If I may, I would recommend you to write this post again in a similar way (so that it is not duplicated) and tag it (also) #introduceyourself This tag is specifically for new arrivals and you'll be more likely to be approached by some people.

All the best

Thanks for your help, it´s always nice to receive tips from the experienced users. I will make some changes to the post :)